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Thanos’ Black Order actors revealed… and Peter Dinklage isn’t one of them. Dammit!

April 23rd, 2018 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

As we climbed aboard the hype train yesterday we heard rumours that Peter Dinklage’s character in Avengers: Infinity War had been leaked due to a misplaced TV spot on Good Morning America (here) and to be honest I was kinda annoyed that Marvel had let the info leak in such a way, well (and not for the first time) I have been made to look a fool as the Russo Brothers have revealed the four members of The Black Order of Thanos’ in Infinity War and who will be playing them.

The Black Order members that will be questing for the Infinity stones are: Corvus Glaive, Cull Obsidian, Ebony Maw and Proxima Midnight.

Carrie Coon who was in Fargo season 3 and The Leftovers will be playing Proxima Midnight: “The character is a member of the Black Order, a group of ruthless aliens that serve Thanos in his villainous quest. She is arguably the most deadly of her group, and was created by comic book writer Jonathan Hickman and debuted along with her colleagues in 2013’s New Avengers No. 8 during the ‘Infinity Stone’ storyline.”

Terry Notary who was in the recent Planet of the Apes triology will be playing Cull Obsidian: “Terry Notary… He did voice the character, but his movement… He’s one of the most gifted movement specialists in the world right now,” Russo said. “He played a character we called Cull Obsidian. In the [comic] books, he was known as Black Dwarf. It’s an all-star cast of baddies”

Irish actor Tom Vaughan-Lawlor will be playing Ebony Maw: “Because he’s an amazing actor,” Joe Russo explained, “We really were looking for actors to embody these characters, the children of Thanos called the Black Order. This character in particular, Ebony Maw, is like Thanos’ herald.  He’s a little bit of his hype man. Thanos is sort of a culty character, and Ebony Maw, the character that Tom plays, is the one who builds up the cult. The character needed a sense of humor and to be a bit rye. He’s stealing all the scenes, so the character seems to be popping.”

Michael James Shaw (Limitless TV series, Papa Midnite in the Constantine series) is playing Corvus Glaive: “It’s a gentleman named Michael Shaw… He’s an actor, and we cast a wide net for these characters,” Joe Russo told CinemaBlend.  In the same way we were approaching Thanos with Josh Brolin to bring sort of a very grounded, realistic performance, we wanted to do that with everyone in the Black Order. So, we cast very, very good actors for those,” Anthony Russo added.

Ok so it’s back to playing the guessing game on who Dinklage is playing, so let’s all retract earlier rash statements and put our money back on Pip The Troll and if that’s wrong I don’t even know any more .

Source: Cosmicbooknews

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