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The Bat and the Cat… Matt Reeves Catwoman casting rumours

October 5th, 2019 by Geralt of Australia Comments

There once a Bat wearing his cowl, he sat on the roof and the wind starts to howl, he stares around and what does he see, but Catwoman sitting there smiling with glee.

With all the news coming out about The Batman, it’s refreshing to see something that’s not just bagging on Robert Pattinson, Mat Reeves is currently casting his Catwoman for the proposed Batman trilogy and there are five front runners so far according to the latest rumour, so just who is Catwoman and why is she one of the most commonly done female characters in the DCEU?

Well it makes sense that we’ve had a lot of Catwomen since we’ve had a lot of Batmen, she was originally written in as a main villain in for Batman but has since become a kind of antiheroine, doing good things just in a bad way. We’ve had a lot of variations over the years with a lot of different actresses taking up the role, well so far there are reportedly five on the main list (three from Marvel), so let’s take a look at who fits the best.

Let’s start off, from top, with the one who I’m backing for the role, Tessa Thompson. The Thor: Ragnarok and Men in Black star is right at the top of the list and it’s easy to see why – out of all five she’s the one whom I can see going into the leather, could be something along the lines of the Halle Berry Catwoman, but actually good.

In keeping within the MCU we have Lupita Nyong’o. She played the character Nakia in Black Panther, as well as Maz Katana in the new Star Wars movies (she really likes that Wookie). This would certainly be  different direction to any direction they’ve gone in before as she brings a completely different energy to the role.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw is next in the line-up, the British born actress has stared in Doctor Who as Martha Jones’ sister, as well as voicing the character Seladon for the new Dark Crystal Netflix series, she was also featured in the Beauty and the Beast as Plumette. Now, most of these major roles she’s portrayed have mainly been animated so it’ll be interesting to see how she’d transfer to something as iconic as Catwoman.

Sliding back into stormy weather is Alexandra Shipp, fresh from finishing filming with Fassbender and Arnie for Kung Fury 2, the actress is still primarily known for her performance as Storm in the last two X-Men movies. If she is to go as Catwoman then I wouldn’t be surprised as that’s exactly what Halle Berry did.

Last but certainly not least is Logan Browning, easily the newest actress on the list, but that doesn’t mean much when you’ve started in shows like Powers and Dear White People. Out of all the ones listed so far, personally I don’t think she has the face for the role, but damn son she has the attitude for Selina along with that don’t mess with me look which is critical for the role.

With Pattinson and Jeffery Wright already cast for their roles, there’s still so many more characters and plots to be confirmed, so you’d better stick around and wait for us to throw up the Bat Signal when the news is ready.

Until then, stay nerdy folks.

Source: GWW

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