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THE BIG INTERVIEW: FTN catches up with Actress Petra Bryant

May 25th, 2014 by Big Phil Comments

Petra Bryant is a London-based Czech born actress. Her film credits include The Disappearance of Lenka Wood , Abduct, White Collar Hooligan 3, The Last Scout, Looking for George Clooney and Fallen Eagle and she appeared in an episode of BBC3 comedy Snuff Box.

Petra has also acted in and produced two short films, a fashion film noir Cuffs & Collar and Inside Out (2014 release). ‘Inside Out’ is directed by ex Bill and Hollyoaks actor Gary Grant.

Petra lives in Fulham and is writing her debut novel as well as her lifestyle blog Girl On A Rocking Horse.

FTN: You went from a modelling career into acting, was the transition easy or did you have to attend a Drama School?

PB: I can’t really say that I have ever had a modelling career as such, any photographic work I did was always based on my background as an actor to expand my portfolio. I have trained as an actor with shorter acting courses as opposed to attending a Drama School. I guess I should be flattered if you think I used to be a model!

FTN: Your earliest television acting work was in The Snuff Box, which had an impressive cast including Matt Berry, Alan Ford and Richard Ayoade to name but a few.  What was it like to work on this show?

PB: It is always fun working on a comedy show and Snuff Box didn’t disappoint. Everybody was very nice to me and I really enjoyed the filming with such an experienced cast. It was also great working on a set that wasn’t too serious. If you want to see the episode I am in, search for ‘Awkward Moments Coffee’ (watch it here but it’s NSFW) and voila, there I am up to no good with Matt Berry.

FTN:  You have a number of films that you are currently working on, including The Disappearance of Lenka Wood in which you play the lead character. Can you tell us a little bit about your character and the plot of this film?

PB: The Disappearance of Lenka Wood has finished filming in Turkey at the end of 2013. Our film is similar to Taken, except for that this isn’t a straight-forward kidnap story. Lenka is madly in love with her fiancé Dexter and they are happily settled in New York. Things change when they go on their honeymoon to Turkey and Lenka gets taken. The next 24 hours are full of twists and unexpected events as Dexter tries to find her. Lenka is a sweet girl next door kind of gal but the audience will learn she can also be quite feisty and strong. Playing Lenka has been very physically demanding! I wish I could tell you more but I can’t give too much away at this stage. You can watch the official trailer on YouTube.

FTN: We at FTN love Sci-fi and I understand that you are working on The Last Scout, in which you portray Melissa.  Can you tell us a little bit about your character?

PB: You are going to love this film as fans of Sci-fi! The set looks amazing and the movie is full of special effects. The film is in post-production at the moment. I play EU Ship Captain Melissa and my boyfriend is a Captain on another ship. So we have a love story thrown in! Talk about a long distance relationship.

Melissa is an easy-going Captain and tries to remain strong for her crew. I think the thought of seeing her boyfriend again keeps her going more than saving humanity. But when it comes to Melissa you don’t actually know if she is dead or alive until you see the ending of the film. She was fun to play!

I am currently shooting another sci-fi film, Abduct with X Files’ William B. Davis. I play Lyra, a Russian UFO Researcher. This film will be a real treat for sci-fi lovers.

FTN:  You are also working on the action packed Fallen Eagle, which also stars Superman II’s Jack O’Halloran.  Did you have to undertake any special instruction for this part such as fight choreography or stunt driving?

PB: So far I don’t have to do any special fight choreography but this might change closer to the time as we are still in pre-production stage.

I am filming Abduct (Formally Fallen Eagle) with Jack O’Halloran and we have some scary scenes together. I wish I was allowed to fight in those!

I had to do minor fight scenes for The Disappearance of Lenka Wood and that came naturally with my instincts and some bootcamp pilates training. However, I wouldn’t mind playing a feisty gal where I have to push my physical boundaries.

“I actually think it’s amazing to have an opportunity to be somebody else for a while and switching from one character to next is fun.”

FTN: You have six films that you are currently working on, all of which are due to be released this year. Do you find it difficult working on a particular character one day and then changing to someone different a few days later?

PB: Oh no, not at all. I actually think it’s amazing to have an opportunity to be somebody else for a while and switching from one character to next is fun. Sometimes it is actually a relief to become somebody else after spending weeks of being physically and mentally tortured. I don’t find the change difficult.

FTN:  With all of these roles that you are currently working on, do you have a particular favourite type of role you enjoy playing?

PB: I have learned that playing a baddie is always more fun than playing the good guy. I am excited about playing Faustina also because it will give me a glimpse of past times and I will get to wear amazing costumes. Every little girl wants to be a Princess or Queen when they grow up, no?

I can’t also wait to film Looking for George Clooney; as I have never done a rom-com before. So you just have to ask me the same question next year after I try out both roles.

FTN: Having worked on a number of film productions with such a varied and experienced cast, how did you prepare for your various roles and did any of your colleagues offer you any assistance in preparation or on the set?

PB: I always find that watching a similar movie (to what I am about to film) helps. And I also like to exercise and eat well to prepare my body and mind. I had lots of advice and help from Blaine Grey who plays my boyfriend in The Last Scout. He is a generous actor and a nice guy. Working with brilliant actors such as Mark Arnold or William B. Davis feels like an acting lesson.

FTN:  2014 looks to be a very busy year for you in terms of film releases; having worked in both film and television, which would you prefer?

PB: Yes 2014 will be busy as I will be shooting Fallen Eagle, Looking for George Clooney, White Collar Hooligan 3 and Abduct.. I am also looking forward to promoting all my projects and channelling my inner fashionista on the Red Carpet.

Since I have been mostly doing movies, I would love to do a good quality TV drama. There are so many brilliant TV shows out there at the moment and the writing is really good. TV is becoming bigger than the big screen. But saying that, I wouldn’t want to do a soap opera for 20 years. Variety really is the spice of life and I am grateful for all the work coming my way.

FTN: Finally, if you had a choice of playing a feisty heroine in a zombie apocalypse movie or the lead in a romantic drama, which would you prefer?

PB: You might not like my answer but I have never been a huge fan of zombie movies! So that leaves me with a lead in romantic drama! I have been cast for Looking for George Clooney so I am about to tick that box.

FTN: Finally, Star Wars or Lord of the Rings?

PB: I have to choose Lord of the Rings as I have seen both the film and a musical. Plus I get to look at Elijah Wood’s blue eyes. Lord of the Rings is the winner!

FTN: Thanks Petra, have a great day







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