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The future of the Ghostbusters franchise…

February 28th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Will GhostBusters 3 Be An Animated Movie? 

The road to Ghostbusters 3 has been long and arduous (Talk about crossing the streams). Bill Murray no longer wants anything to do with it. Dan Aykroyd remains ever positive it will happen one day. But when? And without Bill Murray what’s the point?

The project just seems to be stuck in the lowest levels of development hell, but according to Bloody Disgusting, Sony and Columbia Pictures are now considering bringing it to life on the big screen as an animated movie!

This actually isn’t the first time this idea was tossed around. They were looking to do this back in 2007 with the screenplay Ghostbusters Go To Hell, and that eventually resulted in a video game, which to be fair was pretty fun.

I actually wouldn’t be opposed to seeing an animated Ghostbusters movie. I love animated movies, and they would be able to do so much more in that medium. It could end up being pretty awesome if they really took the time to put the work in. I mean Bill Murray voiced himself for the game, he might be willing to do it for an animated movie right?

At this stage I really don’t expect much to happen. But let’s say by some miracle it does, would you be interested in seeing it as an animated movie?

Until then Who You Gonna Call?


The studio (Sony) has since told this rumour is untrue and confirmed that a new live-action Ghostbusters film is still in development. Despite Bill Murray’s absence. But we thought it was good enough to put out there anyway as the future of the series changes on a near daily basis and we like the idea of an animated GBIII.


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