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The Ninja Turtles are cast

March 25th, 2013 by Edwin Torres Jr Comments

Deadline reports that all four Turtles have been cast as Pete Ploszek’s Leonardo, Noel Fisher’s Michelangelo and Jeremy Howard’s Donatello are set to join Alan Ritchson’s Raphael and Megan Fox’s April O’Neil.

It’s interesting that Paramount is choosing not to go with any big names for the movie, but the Turtles themselves should be enough to sell the movie no matter who’s playing them. Hopefully that also means Paramount was able to pick the best actors for the roles and not just the most famous. Hopefully whatever money they used will be put into perfecting the CG.

All four Turtles will be created using motion-capture and CG, while the rest of the film will be in live-action. The foursome joins Megan Fox, who will play the group’s human TV reporter pal April O’Neil. The villain Shredder is the next role expected to be cast. Surprisingly, the latest report doesn’t mention human Casey Jones at all, he was previously rumored to be in the film. That could mean that plan has been scrapped, or simply that the role isn’t ready to be filled yet.

The road to Ninja Turtles has been a long one already with its multiple starts and stops, fan outrage over rumored changes to the turtles’ origins and statements from both Eastman and Laird offering praise and criticism. and the casting of Megan Fox.

The film is now expected to start production in April for a June 6th, 2014 release.

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