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The Russos talk Marvel Netflix characters in Infinity War

May 4th, 2016 by Phil Robinson Comments

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It’s probably the biggest question in the MCU right now: just how connected are the big screen outings to the TV side of things? And more importantly, will we see Daredevil, The Punisher and Jessica Jones (and Agents of SHIELD, I guess) make the jump to the movies anytime soon?

With the Russos sailing the Marvel ship though a double whammy of hits right now – after all, who didn’t love Captain America: Winter Soldier, with Civil War being just as awesome – and with their return to the MCU with the two parts of Avengers: Infinity War just around the corner, it will surely mark the biggest, boldest way we can bring an end of Phase Three.

When talking to the directing duo made it clear that they’re answering this question a LOT right now, but where do they stand on appearances from characters from outside cinema screens?

“The Marvel Universe is sprawling,” said Joe, “Just think of all the characters that haven’t been introduced yet that are going to be introduced by the time that we’re working on Infinity War.”

We’re still dead excited for new Guardians members, Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel and so much more…

But he continues, “We have a tough task just telling the stories of the characters who exist [on the big screen] in the MCU, let alone adding the entire Marvel Television universe.”

That… seems like a shock to the system. Could it mean that they aren’t considering an introduction to these characters?

“Anything is possible in the Marvel Universe. It’s certainly something we’re considering,” he hints at before signing off, “But our focus is on telling the stories of the characters that currently exist on the movie side.”

What could be next? We can only hope it’s very big plans indeed.

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