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Tony Todd’s terrifying return as The Candyman?

September 30th, 2019 by Geralt of Australia Comments

Photography for the new Candyman sequel produced by Jordan Peele has only just started this month, but we’re getting some big news as the original Candyman Tony Todd is apparently set to continue his role.

With lots of news about the upcoming feature, the news of Tony Todd coming back to the role should still be taken with a slight bit of skepticism, although reports have been confirmed by reputable sources.

Jordan Peele co-wrote the script and it’s said to be a ‘spiritual sequel’, while still keeping true to the original which is always important when you’re talking about classic horror movies.

With some photography being done I’m sure some images should appear soon, until then stay nerdy and make sure the Candyman doesn’t find you until the release on July 12th 2020.

Source: Bloodydisgusting

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