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UK top ten box office countdown (WE 16 February 2013)

February 21st, 2013 by Stuart Miller Comments

Well it seems that Wreck-It Ralph could only hold on to the top spot for just one week as I predicted, with one of this week’s new entries taking its place.

Four new films graced this week’s chart; first off, hitting the number eight spot was animated film Sammy’s Great Escape, going in at a lower than expect number five was Beautiful Creatures. Into the top three now and at number three is the latest comedy movie from Judd Apatow, This is 40, the highest new entry this week – and it will come as no surprise to everybody – is A Good Day to Fall Asleep, I mean to Die Hard.

One other quick thing about the new films out this week: Danny Dyer’s new film Run for Your Wife is his highest taking film for a few year’s taking in a massive £602.

10. Flight – £472.983 – £4.181.690
9. Lincoln – £483.397 – £6.964.023
8. Sammy’s Great Escape – (NE) – £519.049
7. Django Unchained – £685.389 – £13.707.266
6. I Give it a Year – £1.014.707 – £3.685.804
5. Beautiful Creatures – (NE) – £1.109.167
4. Les Miserables – £1.126.168 – £35.968.027
3. This is 40 – (NE) – £1.229.352
2. Wreck-It Ralph – £3.436.400 – £10.516.655
1. A Good Day to Die Hard – (NE) – £4.551.116

New Releases: Only a couple of new films of note out this week, two small films and two bigger ones. First off the two small films, on offer you have German drama Lore and British comedy film Song for Marion. The two big films out this week are Cloud Atlas and horror film Mama.

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