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UK top ten box office countdown (WE 25 January, 2013)

January 31st, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Even though last week’s number one, Les Miserables, couldn’t be moved from the top spot, the chart still makes for interesting reading as it includes four new entries, two of which are the final couple of pieces to the best picture jigsaw puzzle at this year’s Oscars.

Four new films entered this week’s chart, first off going in at a very low number ten was big Arnie’s return to a leading role in a action film with The Last Stand, doing better by hitting the number seven spot was gross-out comedy Movie 43 which manged to have the highest screen takings than the next new entry, which happens to be Zero Dark Thirty going in at number five. This week’s highest new entry though and doing better than I thought it would do is Lincoln.

10. The Last Stand – (NE) – £538.867
9. The Hobbit – £623.889 – £51.020.811
8. Monsters Inc 3D – £703.656 – £1.595.962
7. Movie 43 – (NE) – £787.648
6. The Impossible – £1.006.477 – £10.777.332
5. Zero Dark Thirty – (NE) – £1.052.845
4. Life of Pi – £1.119.570 – £25.957.044
3. Lincoln – (NE) – £1.657.337
2. Django Unchained – £2.419.846 – £7.185.499
1. Les Miserables – £4.016.611 – £24.618.896

New Releases – Three big films are on offer this week with a further small film that might have a few people interested. First off the small film comes in the form of Chained, one of the biggest hits at last year’s frightfest. On to the three bigger releases, first up is comedy drama Hyde Park on Hudson starring Bill Murray, your next film choice is Denzel Washington in Flight and your final movie pick of the week is action film Bullet to the Head.

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