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UPDATED THROUGHOUT THE DAY: Bryan Singer to tweet 25 Days of Future Past images – One every hour

January 27th, 2014 by Shane Michael Comments

Bryan Singer has always embraced social media such as twitter to publicise his movies with the most recent being X-Men: Days of Future Past. He has used it to announce everything from set photos to new castings.

Well today, the director (@BryanSinger) has once again taken to tweeting about his new film but in a rather different way than before. This time promoting 25 limited edition covers to the March 2014 issue of UK movie magazine, Empire (@EmpireMagazine):


Within minutes he had tweeted again:



With this pic attached, sure to make any X-men fan’s jaw drop :

Pic 2: Lucas Till as Havok

Pic 3: Evan Jonigkeit as Toad

Pic 4: Josh Helman as Stryker

Pic 5: Peter Dinklage as Bolivar Trask

Pic 6: Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique

Pic 7: Nicholas Hoult is Beast

Pic 8: Evan Peters as Quicksilver

pic 9: Michael Fassbender as magneto

pic 10: James McEvoy is Professor X

pic 11: Hugh Jackman is… Wolverine!

pic 12: Bryan Singer is, em, the director

pic 13: Hugh Jackman is future Wolverine

pic 14: Patrick Stewart is Professor X

pic15: Ian McKellan is back as future Magneto

pic 16: Halle Berry is Storm

pic 17: Wait, wasn’t she removed from the final cut? Anyway, Anna Paquin is Rogue

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