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WATCH: Independent movie Beat Girl gets a trailer… and our attention

March 31st, 2013 by Big Phil Comments

Beat Girl is a coming of age story of a young girl as she is torn between her late mother’s dreams of her getting a place in the prestigious Julliard performing arts School and becoming a world class pianist and the pulsating world of Electronic dance music. Pursuing the dream she has always loved, she gets carried away by the enticing underground world of DJ-ing and eventually finds herself torn between two worlds of music.

Heather is forced to chose between what she has always known and the new world of excitement she so desires. Beat Girl follows her journey through music. The crossroads she finds herself at, the paths she chooses and the discoveries these new paths lead to. ”

Beat Girl, starring Louise Dylan, Craig Daniel Adams and Percelle Ascott is not your average new release. With a book, game, web series and cinema relase all coinciding with each other, this is a first of a kind for a small independent small. As you know, we at FTN are all about covering all aspects of the Nerd-Media and this ticks virtually all boxes!

With a release date of early May, watch this space for exclusive news and interviews.

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