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WATCH: New Ghostbusters: Afterlife footage and SPOILERS reported plot leaks from a screening of the movie

September 26th, 2020 by Marc Comments


So, you are probably, like us, pacing the floor until March next year when Ghostbusters: Afterlife finally gets released.

And today we have some cool GB stuff for you to enjoy. And so is spoilerific, but we’ll tell you where.

So, first up, at the bottom of the page, you’ll see a new video focusing on the whole franchise which features previously unseen, abeit brief, footage.

However, on top of that, new information has started appearing online as it seems there have been test screenings of Afterlife ahead of its release next year – it was originally set for July past, remember.

So, the rumoured plot details we’re hearing are listed below so beware, they may well be very spoilerific.

If you want to read the rumoured plot points simply highlight below: 

So, revealed at the start of the screenig was that the movie cost aprox $80m.

Word is the movie, while having fun moments is not a comedy.

The town of Summerville, where it takes place, is full of Gozer worshippers.

Paul Rudd is a decendant of Evo Shandor, the villain behind all the events of the first movie, although he is unaware of it until the final act. His full name is Jason Shandor Grooberson.

Shandor is in the most as a ghost and he’s played by the legendary JK Simmons.

All three surviving original Ghostbusters suit up for the final battle which takes place above the original firehouse and Gozer this time, takes the form of a massive terror dog.

The firehouse is destroyed again and the movie ends with the old and new teams rebuilding it.

Egon appears here and smiles at the whole team. A call comes in and the old and new GBs speed off to bust some ghosts. The leaker calls the scene with Egon beautiful.

Slimer is in the movie as are three terror dogs. Oddly it also features tiny Stay Pufts who are living at Egon’s old farm and, in a great nod to The Real Ghostbusters there’s a haunted toilet.

The mine seen in the movie trailer has a Gozer temple at the bottom.

A de-aged Egon – Harold Ramis – appears at the beginning of the movie in Summerville where he fight the Gozer worshipper and has the all the equipment from the movies. He stays in the town to make sure Gozer never returns. How he dies is never addressed in the movie, just that he has.

The character played by Celeste O’Connor is Winston’s grandaughter.

Wisnton and Janine are married in the movie – didn’t see that coming!

The suits worn in the movie are the 1984 suits. The Ecto-1 is the 84 car too, not the one from Ghostbsuters II. Egon rebuilt it. Ray talks about the Statue of Liberty event and apparently acts as if he’s senile in the movie.

Peter and Dana are together in the movie. They are happily married.


So, lots of interesting stuff in there, much of which we predicted, some we did not and some it completely unexpected. If you read it, let me know what you all thought.

Sony have released a brand new retrospective on the Ghostbusters franchise to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary on the New York Stock Exchange.

The footage covers all the Ghostbusters movies so far and includes some of the footage shown in July when the movie was released across America for drive-in screenings.

Check out the clip below featuring some new clips from the highly anticipated Ghostbusters: Afterlife:

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