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We break down all we can from the new Shazam! images and give our thoughts on what it means for the movie

July 18th, 2018 by Marc Comments

Oh, boy…

Another new image from the upcoming DC movie Shazam! has dropped and, while at first glance it may not be too exciting, if you spend a few seconds on it, there’s a lot to process.

So the image (above) is from EW and is the first official image of Asher Angel as Billy Batson, the boy who becomes the man-god Shazam! He’s the kid on the right. It also features his friend Freddy Freeman, played by IT star Jack Dylan Grazer.

So, for a while there’s been two main speculations about Shazam!

Firstly, it’s been hinted several times that Superman may appear.

Secondly, it’s also been hinted that Shazam! won’t be part of the DC Cinematic Universe of Man Of Steel, Batman V Superman, Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad and Justice League.

Well, if you look at the image, you’ll see two things: Firstly, it’s looking likely Superman will be in the movie in some way.

Secondly, it’s Definitely in-universe.

Why? Well, check this out:

So how did he get the stuff? Who knows? We’re guessing after the Justice League saved the world they became heroes for the world and we’ve already seen Superman T-Shirts in Suicide Squad:

And we’ve already seen Billy wearing a Superman tee-shirt a while ago, so it’s no surprise he’s also wearing an Aquaman one here:

We’re hearing people asking where is the Cyborg and Wonder Woman nods? Well, while we don’t know for sure, we’re guessing in the movie he’ll have that stuff too.

Here’s a closer look at that awesome Time cover thanks for director David F Sandberg:

We want that cover as a poster!

Also, we’re loving the Superman Is Back Daily Planet cover… it reflects the newspapers we saw at the end of BvS and later in Suicide Squad and Justice League:

We’re prepared to bet Lois Lane wrote both of those stories…

Few interesting things… could the Bat-a-rang be the one Barry Allen look from Bruce on their first meeting at Barry’s lair? Or maybe did he make replicas… were they sold? Man, we need to know!

And what about the bullet from Lexcorp that Lois found in Batman V Superman? It has a certificate of authenticity which should mean it’s the real deal, but how could Billy have possibly gotten such a thing?

Man we need this to be explained in the movie!

Finally, EW revealed an exclusive issue that will only be available at SDCC featuring, you guessed it, Shazam! (Continues after pic)

Shazam! Or should we say Billy, really has a sweet-tooth… well, he IS a fourteen-year-old boy after all so we guess this makes sense…



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