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Will Boba Fett Be In Future Star Wars Films? Is the name a Mantle

January 28th, 2015 by Todd Black Comments


It’s been rumored for a while that Boba Fett could be the star of the upcoming Star Wars spinoff film happening in 2016.


Well now…we have more proof saying that it MAY happen, but it may not be the Boba Fett you expect…

“Boba Fett is a mantle. The name, the ship and the armor gets passed down to a successor. That’s how he is brought back for the films and explains the character for later stories.”

So this appears to confirm he’ll be in the movies in some fashion. If you’re worried this’ll be a lame cameo or something, fret not.

“Fett fans are in for a few surprises. They [Disney] get the cult status of the character, so you’re going to see more Boba Fett in the future.”

Yep, that just happened. Oh, and who might be up for the possible role of Boba Fett?…

“Michael Fassbender is the frontrunner to be Boba Fett, fact!”

*mic drop*

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