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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michael Fassbender joining Kung Fury movie

February 19th, 2018 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

No longer just a short story…

MOVIE REVIEW: FTN reviews The Snowman

October 15th, 2017 by Mark McCann Comments

MOVIE REVIEW: FTN reviews The Snowman – with the promise of a great story and setting, is The Snowman a top entry in the ‘Norwegian Crime Procedural’ genre?

MOVIE REVIEW: FTN reviews Alien: Covenant *Spoiler-free*

May 10th, 2017 by Andrew McCarroll Comments

Can Ridley Scott improve on the underwhelming Prometheus and take the Alien franchise back to its horror roots?

Who wants to Meet Walter?

May 4th, 2017 by Marc Comments

An interactive website has been set up ahead of the release of Alien: Covenant

Meet Walter, Michael Fassbender’s android from Alien: Covenant

March 11th, 2017 by Marc Comments

The more things change, the more they stay the same…

New trailers drop for Alien Covenant and Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2! UPDATED: New Guardians poster!

March 1st, 2017 by Dave Bowling Comments

“We’re family. Except maybe her.”

New Alien: Covenant teaser poster is exactly what it should be!

February 28th, 2017 by Marc Comments

What two things do you do if you’re being chased by the Alien? Oh and new trailer coming tomorrow…

WATCH: New The Last Supper clip from Alien: Covenant

February 23rd, 2017 by Marc Comments

In space everyone can hear you chat about, em, space…

MOVIE REVIEW: FTN reviews Assassin’s Creed

December 23rd, 2016 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

MOVIE REVIEW: FTN reviews Assassin’s Creed – Great cast? Check. Great story? Check. Massive potential to be the first great video game adaptation? Well…

WATCH: New TV spots for Assassin’s Creed

November 30th, 2016 by Marc Comments

The film hits cinema screens on December 21

Fassbender says ‘no’ to 007 role

November 4th, 2016 by Marc Comments

But does suggest one actor we haven’t really heard mentioned before who could be interesting

WATCH: New Assassin’s Creed trailer and poster are here…

October 18th, 2016 by Marc Comments

Can Fassbender break the curse of video game adaptations?

Assassin’s Creed gets new UK release date

August 23rd, 2016 by Marc Comments

The Michael Fassbender-led movie arrives on these shores a year after the rest of the world…. kinda

WATCH: New Assassin’s Creed trailer is here…

June 28th, 2016 by Marc Comments

Fassbender does cool very well, in fairness…

On-set picture of Michael Fassbender in Alien: Covenant released

June 16th, 2016 by Dave Bowling Comments

“The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts”

Jennifer Lawrence says she, Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy have a pact that means they may not return to X-Men…

May 24th, 2016 by Marc Comments

“Fox should be terrified”

New poster for the Assassin’s Creed movie falls in…

May 21st, 2016 by Marc Comments

The fall is great…

MOVIE REVIEW: FTN reviews X-Men: Apocalypse

May 19th, 2016 by Andrew Comments

MOVIE REVIEW: FTN reviews X-Men: Apocalyse – Bryan Singer returns to close-off the young X-Men trilogy but at after the last two can it hold up?

WATCH: Trailer lands hard for Assassin’s Creed movie along with poster and synopsis…

May 12th, 2016 by Marc Comments

Like a video game come to life… that’s a good thing, right?

First glimpse at assassin’s Creed footage impresses…

April 15th, 2016 by Marc Comments

It seems Michael Fassbender delivers…