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Will Captain America: Civil War REALLY kill a major character? Rumours say… yes!

February 10th, 2016 by Matt Gault Comments

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We’ve known for some time that Marvel is planning to kill off a major character in Captain America: Civil War. Ever since the film was announced, there have been countless rumours debating who was going to die and although nothing official has been revealed (obviously), the guys over at (via Squareeyed) claim to know exactly who is going to be killed and, more interestingly, how it happens.


Obviously there’s a huge chance of some major spoilers here so if you don’t want to know anything about the threequel, you better head back from whence you came right about now.

According to the report, Civil War directors Joe and Anthony Russo shot two entirely different endings for the movie. The first was innocent and heartwarming, depicting Cap “disappearing into the night alongside his fellow Avengers.” That’s certainly a popcorn ending right there, family-friendly and all that. But wait, there’s a much darker and devastating ending also in the pipeline.

The second ending is considerably more daring. It concerns Crossbones killing Captain America and, intriguingly, claim that the directors have opted for this ending, giving a huge middle-finger to usual superhero happy endings in the process. Captain America will die at the end of Civil War, leaving the Avengers in tatters as they gear up for their enormous, two-film war with Thanos in Infinity War (also to be directed by the Russos).

Those who are familiar with the comic books have been speculating for months now that Cap would be murdered at the end of the movie, and it looks like that’s exactly what’s going to happen. Apparently, Bucky Barnes – aka The Winter Soldier – will pick up the mantle of being Cap for the remaining films.

In addition, Geek claim to have spoken to sources close to Marvel who have indicated that the first part of Infinity War will focus heavily on Spider-Man and Bucky. Then, they will plan to resurrect Steve Rogers for part two. We’re assuming the Infinity Stones will play a major part in this particular resurrection.

We’re inclined to agree with on this one. What do you think about this arc? Do you think Marvel are correct in planning to kill of Captain America and bring him back during Infinity War? Let us know!

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