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Will Poulter joins Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series…

September 10th, 2019 by Geralt of Australia Comments

Amazon’s Lord of the Rings has to be one of the most ambitious projects being done this decade in my opinion, with a bigger budget than Game of Thrones, and that’s just what it cost for them to get the rights from the Tolkien estate.

Little is known about the storyline or much else that’s being done for the show with writers kept under armed guard and all writings kept in a vault so nothing is leaked (maybe GoT should have thought of this), so with nothing known about the story all we can do is look at who Amazon are casting and another name has been added to the list.

Earlier this year Aussie actress Markella Kavenagh was currently in talks for a role in the feature, well now they’ve done it again reporting that actor Maze Runner and Meet the Millrers star Will Poulter is being picked up for a key role.

The actor has dropped off the map for the last few years with all projects he’s been in finishing up and leaving Will with not much to do, so it’s definitely a good thing he’s gotten onto a project where the movies launched a lot of careers including Orlando Bloom who after Lord of the Rings went to Pirates of the Caribbean and now has an upcoming show also on Amazon called Carnival Row.

So that’s two actors named, a map, and a few lines of text is all we have to put together what’s going on for the series so far. And if the series is following characters like I’m expecting it to, then who will Will play as if they’re doing an Aragorn series personally I’d like them to get Vigo back in some way and as Gandalf is one of the Maia and don’t age there’s no reason why Ian couldn’t come back and reprise his role as either the Grey Rider or the White Wizard, either way this is one thing I shall be watching very closely and will keep ya’ll updated as news progresses.

Source: Variety

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