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Wonder Woman 1984 – Everything We Know So Far

May 29th, 2019 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Wonder Woman is hands down one of the greatest female superheroes of all time. And that’s why Wonder Woman 2 coming soon has everyone excited. The previous Wonder Woman movie in 2017 was a smash hit that met with tons of accolades. The world was truly given a gift when Gal Gadot donned the Wonder Woman crown and took up the Lasso of Truth.

There have been those that have posited that Wonder Woman is indeed responsible for bringing the DCEU back to respectability. Now, everyone is wondering – can Wonder Woman  do it again? Will the sequel excel in the same way that the first movie did?

Come June 5, 2020, the world will learn the answer to that question. But for now, here’s everything we know about Wonder Woman 1984.

A Prequel Within a Sequel

The sequel to 2017’s blockbuster is bringing back Patty Jenkins as director and Gal Gadot as the lead. Which is good news. The pair worked great together and delivered a tremendous movie.

Based on the title of the movie, it’s pretty easy to see that, if we’re sticking with the main DCEU timeline, then this is going to be a prequel within a sequel. In other words, this movie will be after the events of the first Wonder Woman movie, but previous to anything that happens in Batman vs. Superman or Justice League.

This is definitely an interesting movie. Wonder Woman, as an Amazon princess, ages well to say the least. She’s been around for a long time and therefore has a long history of fighting for justice across the world. It will be awesome to see how that played out in the 80’s and why 1984 is such a pivotal year for Diana Prince.

According to Toby Emmerich, who is the chairman at Warner Bros, DC is blazing its own trail, heading away from an overarching shared universe and trying to focus on individual movies. This may end up being a smart move, depending on how they handle it as it will leave the focus on each individual movie instead of cramming in things to move an overarching plot along.

DC has had its successes recently (like Shazaam and Aquaman) along with its…less than successes (such as, depending on who you talk to, Batman vs. Superman and Justice League). Focussing on one movie at a time maybe the right move.

Who Is In the New Wonder Woman Movie?

Initially, there were some questions as to whether or not Gal Gadot would actually be returning in her role as Wonder Woman. This was centered around her concerns about Brett Ratner’s involvement in the film after he was accused of sexual assault by several women. Apparently, those concerns have been cleared up and Gal Gadot will be back for Wonder Woman 2.

This is very good news considering that no one can argue – Wonder Woman was carried on Gal Gadot’s excellent acting and personification of the character.

One little tidbit that got the internet buzzing was the fact that Chris Pine will be returning to Wonder Woman 2. You’ll remember (spoiler alert!) Steve Trevor died at the end of the first movie. How they’re going to bring him back has been the subject of many rumors and speculations.

Also on the cast will be Kristen Wiig as Wonder Woman’s nemesis – Cheetah. There was a mixed reaction to this news. But we’ll have to wait to see how it pans out. Pedro Pascal is on the cast list, yet his exact role is still pretty hush-hush.

What About the Plot?

Not much is known yet about the plot behind Wonder Woman 2. However, we do know the locations.

“The story will take place in the U.S., which I think is right,” director Patty Jenkins said to EW. “She’s Wonder Woman. She’s got to come to America. It’s time.”

This raises some interesting questions in and of itself since when we left Wonder Woman at the end of the first movie, she was in England at the end of World War I. How does she end up in American in 1984?

Many people are guessing that the 1980’s setting will lead to a Cold War storyline. This could lead to all kinds of awesomeness, perhaps giving the film a bit of a “spy-thriller” feel. This worked really well in Captain America: Winter Soldier and could definitely work here too.

The themes of love and truth that are integral to Wonder Woman’s character are sure to be explored more. This is great because the message of Wonder Woman is definitely something this world needs right now.

We’ve gotten a few peeks from photos that Warner Bros has released. In them we see Wonder Woman looking at some TV screens and Steven Trevor standing in something like a mall setting. Not much to go on, but for now, we’ll take all we can get!

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