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World War Z sequel To have “Clean Slate”?

January 21st, 2015 by Todd Black Comments



World War Z was a hit when it released, so it’s not so much of a surprise that a sequel is set to hit in 2016. The real question is, what will it be about?

The first film more or less told the story from Max Brooks famous book. But there’s no sequel to that book, so what’s the new one going to focus on? If the writer for the film Steven Knight is to be believed, whatever they want.

“I thought, ‘why not? What fun.’ It’s not quite like the other, we’re starting with clean slate. When they’ve signed off we’re on.”

A clean slate could be just what this film needs, as it went through much controversy both with the films result and what it didn’t take from the Max Brooks’ book. We’ll have to see what arises when the film starts production this fall.

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