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Zack Snyder confirms who the dead Robin in Batman V Superman was and talks Carrie Kelley’s planned appearance

June 18th, 2020 by Marc Comments

More cool news for fans of Zack Snyder’s upcoming Justice League and his Batman V Superman before that.

Recently on the Vero app Snyder took fans’ questions about his DC movies and revealed a lot about the Robin story in his Batman arc and it seems he had plans to go to places the comics never dared.

We have known for over two years now that the dead Robin suit in Batman V Superman belonged, not to Jason Todd, but to Dick Grayson, the first Robin.

And we learned in Suicide Squad that, as suspected, Robin was murdered by Joker (hence the Joker’s smashed teeth in that movie) and Harley Quinn – blink and you’ll miss it in SS:

However, now Snyder has not only confirmed that it was Dick Grayson – AKA Nightwing – in the case, but that he had planned a new Robin to follow… and it was an unexpected, but familia name… Carrie Kelley, the young girl who becomes Robin’s in Frank Miller’s iconic Dark Knight Returns storries.

Here’s Snyder’s comments:r

Now, we all know of course that Snyder’s vision for Justice League will finally be seen next year on HBO Max (here), so it’s likely we will learn officially in that movie, according to Snyder’s message above, that Dick was killed by Joker and Harley, but will we see a nod to Carrie in there too?

Honestly, at this stage it’s unlikely, but if I still believe that HBO Max are planning more than just releasing this movie, but plan on developing that universe further.

It’s possible that the plan was to include Kelley in the Knightmare future as seen in BvS, as it’s possible that that future was the one those movies were heading towards with Dick being dead – after all, given that he was basically Bruce Wayne’s son, wouldn’t that go someway to explaining why the Batman we meet in the Snyderverse is so dark? His son was murdered by his mortal enemy and in the future, as the world ends, he takes a young girl under his wing like a daughter?

This could leave it open for the planned Flashpoint movie to come along and reset that universe, keeping Grayson alive and leading to a brighter universe – which I always believed was the plan.

Start off with your heroes beaten and lost and then give them redemption –  a brighter world.

Anyway, for now it’s all just speculation – but maybe someday we’ll know for sure.

Thoughts? I want to hear them…

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