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Zack Snyder’s vision for The Justice League will remain despite all the reshoots

August 27th, 2017 by Marc Comments

Oh my god!? Are we still dealing with this?! Zack Snyder’s vision for Justice League will remain intact! Wait, no, it won’t… Joss Whedon is remaking the WHOLE movie! Oh, wait, he’s not…

Here’s the deal at the minute – and hopefully it all be the end of the whole mess. Joss Whedon is NOT remaking Snyder’s movie and it will be completed pretty much as Snyder had intended.

A new report is saying that the length of filming is simply because of people’s schedules and it’s nothing unexpected.

“As of right now, despite the fact that there’s been some extended time and it’s like ‘ok, if this is still – why are they still doing shoots on this,’ there’s been a lot of downtime in between shooting because of people’s schedules – they have not been shooting this entire time. The amount of content that has been shot and is being shot is still pretty much what they expected and figured was going to be happening. They haven’t said ‘oh, we need to add additional – we need to do a whole bunch more,’ or anything like that at this point, so, the footage and the amount of footage in the film, as of right now, the majority of the footage that you’re going to see on the screen is still the footage that was previously shot during principal photography… I know I’ve seen people worried and say ‘why is it taking so long,’ it’s because this is post – this is reshooting and filming that requires people’s schedules to line up, getting things in order, so it has not been as easy as they expected it to be when this was all being planned months ago.

“…it’s mostly new footage, the reshoots – and some people insist the terminology doesn’t matter and that “reshoots” is common, well no, the terminology does matter to people that make movies and know what these things are, and it matters if you’re saying something’s a “reshoot” when it’s not a reshoot – that matters, but to the extent that that’s just a technicality, the shoots and reshoots combined that are happening and then the also pickups to fill some stuff in is not going to be the majority of the film and it’s not going to be some huge vast portion of the movie.”

Here’s the deal. In current entertainment media – and yes, we do it too – there’s this almost need to make things seem bad: the Rogue One reshoots, the Suicide Squad debacle, the hiring of Ron Howard to finish the Han Solo movie, but the truth is that chances are we will never really know what is happening in the studios and on the sets of these movies.

Reshoots and rewrites are a normal part of modern big movie production, the fact that it seems like the end of the world normally comes down to the person writing the story. Remember the ‘Wonder Woman is total mess’ reports? Well, while it does seem the DC get the brunt of these reports, whether true or not, we’re learning to just relax and try to wait until the movie is in our cinema and then – shock! Horror! – we’re planning on just trying to enjoy the show…

Are we crazy?

Source: SuperheroNews

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