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PARANORMAL PONDERINGS: The immortal Count of Saint Germain

March 15th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher 1 Comment

Could it be that immortals really walk among us? What would it be like to be a real life Highlander, living through the centuries, never being able to love or have a family? Forever having to walk this Earth unable to settle down in one place because you will never grow old. Could the count of Saint-Germain really be a living fountain of youth?

Considered to be a genius in art, politics and alchemy, the Count appeared seemingly out of nowhere with no record of his birth or papers to his identity. He looked around forty years old yet he was rumoured to be one hundred and fifty, at least and he was dubbed the Wonder Man. Although others have reported that Saint-Germain openly admitted he was over three hundred years old.

Whether it was true or not, the conviction in which he stated these things convinced those around him he was telling the truth. Maybe his acceptance by Kings and Queens alike helped reinforce this story as no-one would dare question their monarchy. He charmed his way into the courts of royalty and was involved with Madame De Pompadour who had the ear of the King. King Louis was a fan of his and would sit for hours listening to his tales. So enthralled by the man was Louis that he sent him on secret diplomatic missions to England given the depth of his political knowledge. Louis said he was a brilliant scientist who removed a flaw from a diamond increasing its worth. He then set him up in a laboratory where he taught the King chemistry. The Count had apparently learned how to fix flaws in the precious stones and turn ordinary metal into gold while travelling in India for many years. Doubters were silenced as the Count shamelessly performed these acts in front of them on numerous occasions with a charm and confidence that was believed to be from living for centuries.

This scientific brilliance bore him well as he could speak a dozen languages fluently. Naturally gifted or the greatest con artist ever to live? The Count claimed he was the son of a Transylvanian prince, something no-one questioned and gave him automatic acceptance in the palaces of Europe. He regaled his audiences with tales of ancient history with such detail that many believed he was recounting actual events he had witnessed. He could conduct an orchestra without referring to music sheets.

There were rumours that he was in fact the son of a Hungarian King who lost control of his country which they say explained his great education and love of art and the finer things in life. Those who looked into his eyes were said to be influenced and the women enamoured immediately, including Pompadour. Elders of the court claimed to have known him some fifty years before yet he had never aged. Some even claimed that they never saw him eat while others said he lived on cereal and chicken. But so warmed had he become to King Louis and concerned that he was in fact a British spy, Louis’ foreign minister ordered Saint- Germain’s arrest. Although he escaped, stories about his false nature failed to prevent his continuing integration into houses where he regaled and entertained as he had always done. He did create a secret society which were said to dabble in alchemy.

However the Wonder Man does have a recorded death which is said to be false. Perhaps he had gotten too big for his boots, was too well known or his enemies knew exactly where to find him but he spent his last years in Hess castle, Germany. In the time leading up to this he wrote one manuscript known as the ‘La Tres Sainte Trinosophie’ which is heralded as a classic in occult literature. it is written in a mix of hieroglyphs and modern language and considered the occult bible for many.

While at Hess he held secret meetings about his abilities and in 1784 rumours spread that he lay mortally ill in the castle. His best friend was Prince Charles who said the Count finally confided his true identity to him. He said he was really the son of Prince Francis II Rakoczi of Transylvania. And it wasn’t long before word of his death went round. His best friend and confidant Prince Charles never got to the funeral and indeed there was no record of it. The mystery deepened when he was sighted ten years later alive and well. These continued into the 19th and 20th centuries. And today there are those who say Saint Germain lives on through body after body telling them what to teach the world, they claim he was in fact a priest from Atlantis who tended the Flame of Freedom, that he was warned to get out of the doomed city as Atlantis was about to fall. He placed the Flame of Freedom in Transylvania at the beginning of his centuries long existence.

It is said that he has incarnated as Merlin and created Camelot and possessed the chalice from the Last Supper. According to further legends he was even Christopher Colombus, each guise bringing the Flame of Freedom. He warned of the fall of the French and Napoleon was is said to have become power mad when he was gifted by Germaine with the power which he then misused resulting in his downfall. Others call him the best conman in history fooling the wealthy and charming his way into kings’ purses and women’s beds.

Whatever the truth, there is no doubt that the Count of Saint Germain has left a mystery in his wake. And you never know, the next time you see a man light up a room with the gift of the gab with hypnotic eyes and handsome stature, look twice. it just may be him…

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