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CONSPIRACY CORNER: Could our moon be an alien spaceship?

March 31st, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher 6 Comments

That’s no moon…

It has been a wee while since my last Conspiracy Corner article but I am back and to get things going again and I have brought with me a cracking conspiracy.

Now, the vast majority of people scoff at the mere mention of conspiracy theories, others simply don’t know or don’t care about alleged fake moon landings (incidentally, I fully believe ALL the moon landings happened), zombie apocalypses or UFOS. Tell some of your family or friends that you believe JFK was assassinated by rogue elements within his own Government and chances are whoever you’re telling will look at you like you have three heads, and that’s before you get into explaining the reasons why! However, if you told me that then the chances are we would have a long conversation about it.

I consider myself to be fairly open-minded when it comes to conspiracy theories. This week’s theory however, I must admit, even I am a bit sceptical about it. And that’s saying something!

The Spaceship Moon Theory

The Spaceship Moon theory originated in Soviet Russia in the early 1970s when two members of the Soviet Academy of Sciences, Michael Vasin and Alexander Shcerbakov published an article entitled – ‘Is the moon a creation of alien intelligence?’. They theorised that the moon may actually be a spaceship created by aliens and put into orbit around the Earth. These alien beings had hollowed out the Moon by melting away the rock inside using technology that was vastly superior to anything seen on Earth.

Since the article was published there has been much more written and speculated about the Spaceship Moon theory. Some of these writings went further with the theories set out by the two Soviets.

One of those who has championed the theory and went on and speculated further is of course David Icke, he of reptilian lizard overlords fame. The granddaddy of modern-day conspiracy theorists has spoken about the Spaceship Moon (as you would expect) in some of his (in)famous lectures. He believes that the moon is a hollowed out planetoid that was used by this advanced alien race in order to take over the Earth. He claims that when the moon was placed in orbit around the Earth it affected the spin and angle of the Earth and this change resulted in cataclysmic disasters, due to the effect that the hollow moon would have had on the oceans and tectonic plates that make up the planet’s outer shell and we’ve all seen the devastating effects earthquakes have!

This chain of events would have devastated and ultimately wiped out whatever civilisation existed here at that time. He also claims that coincidences, for example the Sun and Moon appearing to be the same size as we see them in the sky – which is shown in a solar eclipse when the Moon covers the Sun perfectly – are in fact not coincidences of nature at all but have in fact been engineered that way by this advanced alien race. He backs up this argument by saying that the mathematical and geometrical connections that are shared by the Sun, the Moon and the Earth do not exist between any other celestial bodies.

Icke also criticises the theory on the origin of the moon which is known as ‘The Big Whack Theory’ or the Giant Impact Hypothesis. The Big Whack Theory (yes that’s really what it is called) states that the Earth was involved in a collision with a planetary body which was equivalent in size to the planet Mars around 4.5 billion years ago. This planetary body was given the name Theia after the Titan from Greek mythology who was the mother of the Moon goddess Selene.

According to Icke and other conspiracy theorists this is not true. The following is an excerpt from the article published by Vasin and Shcerbakov;

‘The outer surface of the moon is extremely hard and contains minerals like titanium. Moon rocks have been found to contain processed metals including brass and mica and the elements uranium 236 and neptunium 237 that have never been found to occur naturally. Uranium 236 is a long-lived nuclear waste and is found in spent nuclear fuel and reprocessed uranium. Nep 237 is a radioactive metallic element and a by product of nuclear reactors and the production of plutonium.’

Icke himself has said that scientists really have no idea where the Moon originated and these ‘theories’ that are put forward have been talked about so much and for so long they are taken as facts. Icke says that according to the laws of physics, the Moon shouldn’t even be there, going as far as quoting NASA on the subject;

‘It seems easier to explain the non existence of the Moon than its existence.’

What you have read so far may seem wacky enough but this is only scratching the surface, some other theories on the moon are:

The alien race who made it, placed it in a precise orbit and gave it a spinning rate of one rotation every 24 hours. This meant that the same side of the moon would always be facing toward the Earth. The reason for this is that the dark side of the moon is covered in giant alien constructions and machinery and they didn’t want us pesky Humans seeing it!

Perhaps the wackiest theory of them all is that once the aliens had the Moon in position etc they then came to Earth and rounded up the survivors. They then shrank the minds of these unfortunate souls in order to diminish their intelligence and also to erase all memories of what had occurred. They then ‘re stocked’ the Earth with Human hybrids, for the uninitiated that is Humans with alien DNA and the sole aim of the hybrids was to control the surviving Human race and their descendants by a variety of means.

This leads us nicely to the subject of the next Conspiracy Corner – which just so happens to be another of David Icke’s favourite subjects – The Reptilian Race and The Illuminati!!

So, the next time you’re looking up at the sky and there’s a full moon, give a wee wave because their might well be someone looking back at you…

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