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CONSPIRACY CORNER: The Denver International Airport conspiracy

January 5th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher 1 Comment

Everyone likes a good conspiracy theory, don’t they? We here at FTN love them. We’d just like to point out that the conspiracy posts are for fun and speculation purposes. We enjoy a good story well told and that’s how these should be viewed… Welcome to our new weekly series, come sit in the Conspiracy Corner for a while.

Denver International Airport

Airports can be soulless, boring places at the best of times, as anyone who has been delayed for hours on end will testify. However, the same cannot be said of Denver International Airport (DIA).

Denver International Airport is located around 30 miles outside of the city of Denver, Colorado. To the casual observer it looks like any other major airport, big, clean, modern, but dig a little deeper and you will see that there is more to this airport than meets the eye… much more!

At the time of its construction, Denver already had a fully functioning and seemingly perfect airport named Stapleton International. When plans were announced for DIA there were widespread protests due to the fact that it would have fewer runways and therefore could cause the number of visitors to Denver to decrease and in February 1995 the last commercial flight ever departed Stapleton and its doors were closed. Construction on DIA was completed in 1995 and situated on more than 34,000 acres of land. Initial estimates for construction stood at around $1.7billion, however by the time construction was completed the bill stood at a staggering $4.8billion, nearly 3 times the original estimate! But enough of the facts and figures, lets get down to the nitty gritty of the airport itself.

Upon arrival at the airport gates, travellers are greeted by ‘Mustang’, a 32 foot tall fibreglass stallion rearing up on its hind legs with glowing red eyes. Just what you would want to greet you before a flight! An interesting side note to this is that the horse’s creator, a sculptor by the name of Luiz Jimenez, was killed by the sculpture during its creation. A part of the statue came loose and hit him on the head and killed him leading some to believe that the statue is cursed! Some people believe that the horse represents the Pale Horse of The Apocalypse, others say that it represents the Denver Broncos NFL franchise, whatever it represents, it’s not the most bizarre piece of art on display at DIA, that particular accolade is reserved for the series of murals that adorn the walls.

I think its fair to say that the owners of DIA have seen Changing Rooms because when they went looking for an interior designer they flicked straight past Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen in the phone book. This was no run of the mill paint job. At the time, the artist responsible for the murals was reported as saying that he was paid $100,000 US Dollars and given specific guidelines to follow for each mural, however he later retracted this statement and refused to answer any questions on possible hidden meanings in his work. Although as anyone with an interest in conspiracy theories will tell you, each mural is full of terrifying, prophetic messages and occult symbolism and imagery.

Take for example:

In the centre of the image we have children holding glass cases which contain extinct animals in them and there are also dead animals prominent in the picture too. Away in the background we have what looks like a city covered in a haze of some sort, possibly representing of chemical weapon attack. In front of that we can see what appears to be a raging forest fire. At the bottom of the mural we see three open caskets containing the dead bodies of three women. One appears to be a woman in native dress, the woman on the left is black and the woman on the right is Caucasian. She appears to be holding a bible and a yellow star, similar to the ones that the Nazis used to identify Jewish people during World War 2.

The second mural at DIA is in 2 parts.

This mural seems to show children of all colors from various countries of the world coming together as one and present weapons wrapped in the flags of countries that have recently been at war with one another, for example there is a Palestinian and Israeli flag, a Union Flag and Irish Tri-colour, The Stars and Stripes and the Russian Flag etc etc. All the children appear to be offering up these weapons to a boy who is dressed in a Bavarian costume so we can assume this boy to represent Germany. He seems to be striking down on and forging a sword. This can be seen to represent all the countries of the world coming together despite their past differences in order to fight off this threat. This again is imagery and symbolism that could represent a New World Order. A one world government and one world army, but the question is, who is the enemy? At the bottom of the picture we see a figure,presumably lying dead, and he is clutching a gun, which can only represent war and on top of that we have two doves which represents the peace that has overcome violence. But then you see the rainbow that seems to begin with the figure lying dead on the ground and travelling up and over to the top right hand side to the second part of the mural…

Perhaps the most visually arresting of the murals at DIA this monstrosity doesn’t seem to be saying as much as the others but if we study the image we can see that it has plenty to say. For example, the prominent figure is dressed in what looks like a Nazi uniform and wearing a gas mask (I don’t think he’s looking for his mummy). In one hand he is holding an assault rifle and in the other a sword. He has impaled the lonesome dove on the end of the end of the sword, killing it – symbolically destroying Peace. He seems to be emitting some sort of gas that is represented by the rainbow and swirls of cloud that emanate from him. The children in the painting appear to be dead, although they show no signs of suffering from any form of violence which backs up the claim that they have been poisoned by the gas from the figure. Then we have the weeping mother clutching her dead baby, presumably after the child has been poisoned by the gas. And then we come to the last point about this mural. Painted in the bottom right hand corner is a note. This note contains an actual poem written by a child of 14 years old named Hama Herchenberg. Hama died on 18th December 1943 in Auschwitz Concentration Camp and, as everyone knows, Auschwitz was infamous for its use of toxic gas and for the amount of men, women and children who perished in the gas chambers there.

An interesting point worth noting here is that the sword being used by the Nazi is a scimitar and this type of sword is a symbol that is often used in Masonic imagery. Interestingly, this mural has now been painted over. A point to note in regards to this particular mural is that directly in front of it on the floor is a plate inscribed with the letters Au Ag which appear to be written on the side of a cart of some kind. These are of course the symbols for gold and silver respectively on the periodic table. However, it has been said that AuAg is a new deadly form of Hepatitis called Australian Antigen (there is some disagreement on this, with some people saying that Australian Antigen is actually represented by HBsAg) and given that it is underneath a mural depicting genocide through the use of some airborne agent then it looks a bit more sinister.

The fourth and final mural (above) appears to depict a great rebirth in the world after the suffering and death of the previous murals. All the characters, who again seem to be of all different backgrounds, are all huddling round the centre piece of the image which appears to be some sort of plant. The main character in the painting is a girl who appears to have a halo of sorts around her head, although it is difficult to tell exactly what this halo is made from. Continuing the rebirth theme, the bird in the centre of the picture flying proudly appears to be one of the birds from the very first mural who appeared to be extinct or at least endangered within a glass box. The bird is now free of this glass box and has the freedom to fly.

The detail in these murals really is something to behold and no matter what you believe about symbolism, occult imagery, Masonic imagery etc, it is hard to argue that there is no message here.

So, that’s the horse and the murals out of the way and if that,s all there was to talk about it would be strange enough but it gets weirder. Much weirder…

The runway shaped like a Swastika:

OK, looking at this picture it is fair to say that it is a crude interpretation of a Swastika but it is there and when you consider the other nods to Nazi Germany in the airport, our gas mask wearing friend in the mural for example, is it really beyond the realms of imagination to say that this was an accident, a design flaw? Even if it was a mistake then at no stage during design or even construction did no one look at the plans and notice that their $4 billion dollar airport would have runways that look like the symbol for one of the greatest evils man has ever known? Somehow I don’t think so.

The floor:

The section of the floor that runs from one end of The Great Hall (This is also a term that Masons use to describe their meeting hall) to the other is covered in massive disks, as can be seen in the picture. Inside the biggest disk there two smaller disks, one of these looks like the Sun and the other is a black disk that is going across the Sun and appears to be going to eclipse it.

The Masonic Capstone:

This capstone is located in The Great Hall of the airport. There is a Freemason symbol on the stone itself and also on the Braille pad above it (some believe the Braille pad to be a sort of Keypad). There is a message inscribed on the stone of the presence of a time capsule containing various messages and memorabilia which is intended to be opened by the people of Colorado in the year 2094, approx 100 years after it was laid. The really interesting thing about this capstone though is the inscription mentioning the ‘New World Airport Commission’ a group that does not exist or at least did not exist at the time the stone was dedicated.

The underground bases:
During construction of the airport it was estimated that 110 million cubic yards of earth were removed from the site. This is supposedly far more than is normally required for a major airport, leading some to suggest that there was a lot of work taking place underneath the airport. The underground aspect may not seem strange on its own considering for example the likes of Heathrow Airport has its own tube system. But in the case of DIA, it is believed that the majority of the tunnels underneath the vast area owned by DIA are not even in use, despite being large enough for trucks to drive around in them and because of the amount of different contractors that were hired for various parts of the airport and who were fired after they were finished with their section prompted some people to believe that this was to safeguard the actual full scope of the project. Unfortunately there are no pictures of the underground bases. It would seem that they want that part to remain a secret.

And last but not least…


Yes, gargoyles. Not only that, but Gargoyles coming out of suitcases!? Why not? Why are gargoyles so weird considering everything else we’ve just read?

So, to sum up. There are many people who think that Denver International Airport is a top secret base that the New World Order will use when it wipes out 2/3 of the life on this planet, probably through the use of some sort of deadly bio chemical weapon as cryptically depicted in and around the building itself on graphic murals which display their plans to establish a utopia which will be ruled over by its one world army controlled by a one world government.

Everyone else thinks its just an airport. A soulless, boring airport.


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