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New UFO video ruins it for the real deal

January 11th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

A new video (below) has emerged from China reportedly showing a UFO and an alien.

Friends out in the National Forest Park of Fuxin in 2012 saw the object, ran towards it and hid behind some bushes to get a closer look. The women are terrified that they are going to be abducted and their hysterics alert the tall alien being to their presence.

The male videoed the encounter before the tape is cut off. NOW this pretty much looks hoaxed to me with the alien seemingly CGI. The ship is impressive but has too many elements of stuff I’ve seen in movies and television. But if it isn’t real then it is superbly done. The humans react exactly like you would expect them to, agitated and scared. But how long before something like this actually happens?

With a plethora of hoax videos swamping the net, an actual real event, when it comes, may be lost forever in the deluge. While I applaud people’s imaginations, sometimes I just wish they wouldn’t bother. People have been trying to get this phenomenon seen as a respectable, valid issue that could affect us all one day and hoaxes do none of us any favours. And yet when you watch it, you just can’t help but wonder…

Disclose.tvCGI!? UFO Lands In China With Aviator 2013 HD

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