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PARANORMAL PONDERINGS: The ghostly railway children

March 29th, 2013 by Owen Quinn Comments

Children love to play together but what if that continued to the after life? And what if it went one step further and they actually were able to push cars to safety and prevent their tragic fates from happening to other hapless victims?

We take you to Texas, to a little place just south of San Antonio. Railway tracks intersect the road and, as always, there should be protective barriers that fall into place when a train is coming. Such an accident is unfathomable but in the 1930s, a school bus of children and their driver were killed when their vehicle stalled on the tracks right in the path of an incoming train. There were no barriers and they all died instantly.

And in the years following, drivers who have stopped at the tracks have reported being pushed over the tracks by an unseen force from out of nowhere. Word spread quickly and drivers would deliberately travel to the spot and put it to the test. They would stop their cars, leaving the engines running and put the gears into neutral. The engine would still be running and the handbrake left off. Many reported their cars were also moved by something even in broad daylight.

The ground before the tracks is an incline so no-one could explain how the car would move uphill without the driver hitting the accelerator. But skeptics claimed it was the shape of the land, allowing the cars to run forward on a natural incline. However, this didn’t explain how the cars went over the raised tracks, something that should actually stop the cars at tyre level should it have been an incline. People have reported giggling and the voices of children in the area and for those that have witnessed the phenomenon there is no doubt these children are still there, ever watchful for drivers suffering their fate. It could be dismissed as just another ghost story about caring souls, especially children, but in this case it takes a bizarre twist.

One lady that tested it and was shocked by the results was one Brenda Pacheco. She had heard of the story and went to test it for herself. She says that she did exactly what the other people did. Car running, gear in neutral and took her foot off the brake. She says her car didn’t only move but moved quickly up over the railway tracks to the other side. Still not convinced, she put the test to a new level. She put talcum powder over the bonnet and the boot of the car to see if there was any truth to the story. To her amazement, when she checked there were children’s hand prints evident on the back of the car.

This took place in broad daylight in front of witnesses and is on video. She tested again to see if it would happened again. She was amazed to find handprints that were on the back and side doors too and were perfectly visible in the powder to the point where fingerprint and the lines in the palms could be seen. The images can be seen here.

To test it further, a local Tv station hired a surveyor to examine the area.He declared that despite the fact it looked like an incline to the naked eye, measurement concluded that it was in fact a decline which would allow the cars to roll forward. The hand prints were explained as prints that were already there. However Brenda insists the car was completely wiped down beforehand. Further investigations showed that there is no actual record of this accident which is why the date has been determined somewhere in the 1930 or 1940s.

However, those that have witnessed the phenomenon are convinced that the spirits of the children really do take care of the living. And at the end of the day how comforting is it that there is a whole group of guardian angels watching over strangers, trapped in innocence and love for others that not even death could stop? I know which version what I prefer to believe.

Images of a the ‘ghost girl’ from the Paranormal About site

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