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Russian meteor left ‘jelly’ sustance in its wake

February 19th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

In the classic and remake of the Blob movie, a mysterious jelly-like creature fell from the sky on a meteor and caused chaos. People were killed, the damage to property was immense and it was almost the end of mankind. But that’s B movie stuff, right?

Maybe not because at the RSPb Ham Wall Nature Reserve in Somerset, a jelly-like substance has been found and no one can explain it. It is believed to be linked to the meteor that crashed into Russia last week. It is believed to be ‘astral slime’, a substance that is deposited by a meteor.

Dating back to 14th century meteor reports, it is also known as star jelly and astromyxin and is a little known phenomenon. Green tinged in colour, the slime has appeared all over the reserve three days after the crash. And although it looks like a living creature, no DNA has been found. See image below for an idea of what the blobs look like.

While scientists analyse this substance, people are warned not to touch the 10cm diameter blobs until they can be verified.

Scientists have debated it is nothing more than an amphibian’s regurgitation but that would have to be one hell of an amphibian. Could there be giant frog or lizard out there too?

See the original news piece and stunning footage of the meteor HERE

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