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April 2nd, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Hi my name is Angie Freeland and I am a psychic medium with a vast amount of experience in paranormal investigations. I was asked by the lovely Rita Scott to write about my adventures in the paranormal field. I have to say there are so many to write about and share with you, but the one that stands out the most was the investigation we did at Leap Castle in County Offaly, Ireland.


We were invited along to investigate Leap Castle by a group of friends from the paranormal field. Leap Castle was built around the 15th Century by the O’Bannon family and like all castles it stands so proud and so strong. As we drove into the driveway of the castle we could see its beauty, but we could also sense the history, the gruelling and bloody history it holds within its walls. As we all gathered we were very excited and also a little apprehensive about what the evening may hold.


With each room we entered as we did the walk around we couldn’t help but sense the raw energy, and I knew, as a medium, that spirits were keeping a close eye on us, watching us walk around, but also wanting to give us a night to remember, and that is exactly what they did!


We broke up into groups and headed towards the areas we wanted to work in. The group I was in headed for the dining room as we were all itching to hold a séance in there. It was in this room that the O’Carrolls poisoned their guests, the McMahon clan around the dining table that is still there today. This room also has a balcony area and it is reputedly said that this was where the O’Carrolls stood and watched their dinner guests slowly die.


As I looked up at the balcony I was very aware of a woman watching over us, and apparently by the description I gave I was told it was the spirit of Mildred Darby who once lived there, and there is a belief that she may have been instrumental in unleashing the elemental when practicing the occult. There was about 15 of us in our group, a great team all working together. As we began our séance, asking spirits to draw closer and work with us, the energy around us had started to change. We were all apprehensive at this point and I just knew that spirits were going to do something, I just wasn’t sure what!


In the séance we were using a planchette and asking certain questions but all the spirits wanted to do was show us how strong they were by moving the planchette around the table faster and faster, which was great but we wanted to communicate with them and hear their story, however for the moment we were just so thrilled to be having activity and were happy with what they were giving us.


The table was eight foot of solid wood that has been there since the year dot, and never in a million years did I expect spirit to move it, but everyone wanted to give it a go so after the séance with the planchette we decided to see if spirit would work with us through table tilting.


For those of you who don’t know what table tilting is, we all place our finger tips very lightly at the edge of the table and ask the spirit to use our energy and move the table for us. To our amazement the table started to creak, and then it went from just creaking to moving. I’m sure each and every one of us were watching the hands of those around the table to make sure no one was moving it, although frankly, secretly moving an eight foot table without anybody noticing is pretty impossible. Although we were in darkness we had torches shining over the table.


The movements got stronger and stronger until, in the end, it was moving from side to side, up on two legs, back down again and then up on the other two legs. I can tell you unless you were there you can’t even begin to imagine what it was like to experience this phenomena and the height of the energy around us. We were all in awe, and spirits were very happy to show us how strong they are.


But it’s not all about what they can do, it’s also about communicating with them and hearing their story, so we decided to quieten down and find out who we were connecting with and hopefully they would give us more information on what life was like for them.

I was very aware of a gentleman spirit with us, a very strong character and I’m sure he was significant in moving the table as he loved to play games with us. Once again we all sensed the energy change around us, now it was much heavier and quite suppressing. I knew this gentleman was behind me and was drawing closer and closer to our requests. At that point I felt such a pain in my back, like a fist being pushed hard into me. It really hurt and I asked him to stop straight away, when all of a sudden a voice came from the centre of the table saying “I can see you”. We all heard this and all agreed the voice sounded distorted! It was very hard to describe, it was like something you would hear in a horror movie; very low and angry.


As I looked around I could see some team members becoming anxious. I immediately asked this spirit to show himself, but instead he made a loud hissing sound at us and again we all heard it. We couldn’t believe what had just happened, and how much activity we were getting – and this was the first room we had gone into!


I know many people visit Leap Castle because of the stories about the ‘Elemental’ that has been seen there. An elemental is not a spirit that has previously been on this earth and is neither man nor beast but a ‘thing’ that has been created by the collective gruesome residual emotions and energies that has been left behind from days gone by. Did I meet the Elemental on our investigation? My answer to that is no, although when myself and two other ladies decided to visit the ‘Elemental room’ (it’s called this because apparently the elemental has been seen there) we did have some strange experiences.


Once again we were in total darkness and as we were standing and talking to each other I became aware of a shadow over the face of one of the ladies, and her features and voice were changing . I have to say this did freak me out a little so I asked her to trust me and move away from where she was standing and move towards me. This she duly did and all was well. For a while.


Soon we were trying to draw the spirit closer and I noticed the same thing was happening to the same lady again, this time though even her eyes seemed weird. I could see what was happening, she was being overshadowed by the spirit and I didn’t want to take any risks, so I decided that we should leave and pretty quickly. It was an amazing experience, but it is my belief that it was this spirit that was overshadowing their features on to this team member and playing games with us and not the elemental.


Throughout the night in every room we went into we received activity of some sort and connected and communicated with spirits who wanted us to know what had happened to them and this account is just the surface of what had happened at Leap Castle that night. We were not only privileged to experience so much activity, but we also had the privilege of being taught so much by spirit.


If you’re into the paranormal and want to do an investigation I suggest you book yourself into Leap Castle for the night of your life.

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