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October 22nd, 2013 by Mad Dave Comments

Pre-orders have now went live for Hawk Wargames Ruinscape the next of their boxed scenery collections, to be released November 30th.

Ruinscape features the same 24 double sided ground tile from the Cityscape boxed set  along with 20 detailed card buildings all with a distressed or ruined look.


Hawk Wargames have also announced they will be at  Spiel and Crisis in the upcoming weeks – and they hope to see you there!

They will have their full range on show, along with a few unseen items…
Hawk Wargames will be giving away a limited number of Exclusive Pre-Release Resistance
Miniatures with a Special Scenario with every 2 Player Starter Set sold at Spiel and Crisis, but only
whilst stocks last!


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