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January 12th, 2013 by Mad Dave Comments


Mantic Games Newsletter
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Stadium Play

It can’t be a Mantic Newsletter without starting with something insanely cool to show off:

This custom DreadBall Stadium has been made byarchangel88 on our Forum.

We’re focusing on DreadBall all next week on the blogand Facebook so make sure you’re watching!

Goblins – they’re everywhere!
Due in no small part to the success of DreadBall, our December Goblin releases got a little lost – so they’ve been brought back for release in January!

No army is complete without the little critters themselves and the Goblin Spitters Horde is available in Santa’s Spring Clean at £13.99 for 40 figures!

Santa’s Spring Clean!
We’re mid way through Santa’s Spring Clean – our January clear-out to help prepare for DreadBall and ******** coming into our warehouse this year and we’ve added some more bits:

Army Sets – We’ve added the Forge Father andMarauder army sets alongside the Marauder Sprue Bundle and the discontinued Drakkarim sets at a very special rate. Don’t miss them!

Undead Wights

Kings of War – Get Wound Counters for £3.99 and uber-hard Undead Wights for just £7.99!

There are some items already out of stock – so don’t miss out. Take advantage of Santa’s Spring Clean!

January Pre-orders!

18th Jan – DreadBall Season Opener, Confetti, Nottingham
20th Jan – The Outpost, Sheffield
26th Jan – Cancon, Camberra, Australia
27th Jan – Copper Bowl, DreadBall Tournament, Tabletop Nation
27th Jan – Mini-con, Gloucester
3rd Feb – Vapnartek, York
9/10th Feb – Clash of Kings UK
10th Feb – Hammerhead

Check out our events calendar here.

Issue 5 of the Ironwatch Mantic Fanzine is now available for free download!
Mantic Digital
You can now get our rulebooks digitally for your tablet of choice!

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I'm Mad Dave one of the team's growing collection of tabletop gaming nerds. I was raised on a healthy diet of TV like Blake 7, Doctor Who and Star Trek with a side of sword and sorcery / sc-fi movies and a large dollop of board games like Cluedo, RISK and Hero Quest. You know your a gaming nerd if: You bring toy soldiers to work? You bring toy soldiers to work and you work has nothing to do with toy soldiers? Most of you jackets / coats have dice in one of the pockets? You hate throwing away packaging because you know it's actually a ruined building or field generator? You have a collection of old packaging? You can find something relevant to your hobby i.e. books, magazines, figures etc in almost every room in your house? I no I'm a nerd because I've done all of the above, how many of these made you smile and nod yes to?