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Love 2 Hate Kickstarter launched

July 9th, 2014 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

The much anticipated game created by Irish game designer Colm Lundberg has been launched on Kickstarter

Some of you may remember yours truly interviewed Mr. Lundberg about Love 2 Hate back a few months ago about his first project with Green Ronin publishing. Well, as promised, it has been launched on Kickstarter!

The game itself has already been designed and the Kickstarter is to raise funds for the printing costs alone. Backers will also get an exclusive set an additional 60 cards! Not only that but higher tier backers will get to design their very own card for the game!

For those that haven’t read the interview the game works like this:

There are two types of cards, sentence starters and finishers. At the start of the game everyone draws a hand of five finishers. Players then take it in turns to act as the judge. A judge draws the top starter card. Example starters include Cosplayers, Moist Towelettes, Crabs and Mimes.

The Judge decides if he wants the other players to say why they love or why they hate that starter subject. The players place down their finishing cards to form a complete sentence, for example:

“I love the way Cosplayers … are sustained by my tears of woe”

The judge then chooses which one suits it best or is the funniest or other arbitrary reason. First person to get chosen five times wins the game


Link in the video:


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