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THE FTN BLOG (22/04/13)

April 22nd, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

I’m back from the depths of hell once again to share my deepest thoughts on this week in Nerdville. Well, technically it was the hospital but given the cuts and food, Hell is pretty close. I swore the mixed veg curry was mixed with something non-edible and I frowned and worried about exactly what the sausages were stuffed with when I heard the furnace was on the blink. Is there such a place as Nerdsville? I don’t know. Today’s Nerd is not the same Nerd I met growing up and yet I still see some of the stereotypes from the old days. But the more things change as they say.

But any how, where to start, the Ice Warriors, well warrior, came back, got naked, tried to blow up the world then departed quicker than a Star Wars fan with the first ticket for the new movie.

Speaking of which, Harrison Ford amused the world when he went on the Jimmy Kimmel show and said he would answer questions from the audience as long as it wasn’t about Star Wars. Cue audience members dressed as Jedi, a real bearded lady when Leia stood up and, to top it all, a Wookie who suffered a barrage of venom from Ford for exploits involving furry pants. Of course it was in fun and confirmed he is back. Absolutely no doubt. We love Harrison Ford and is it me or has he gotten younger all of a sudden? Check it out below:

Next came the news we would get a new Star Wars movie every summer (here). Cool; as long as it’s good. Now who do I have to sleep with to get the movie posters out of a nearby cinema? Answers on a postcard starting with 0800…

Super hero fever grows as Iron Man creeps closer with clips and TV spots. Star Trek fever continues as we count down to the question, the first question, the question that must never be answered……WHO THE HELL IS JOHN HARRISON?

And if that wasn’t enough, they go and release another Man of Steel trailer. And what a revelation! A scary Zod, the S is not an S and he won’t be called Superman. Having watched all three in a row, I needed four Tramodol and a can of Red Bull and lay in a dark room for four days. Or was that lights out in the hospital? Damn you, IV drip! Enjoy:

Posters galore appeared for Wolverine, Thor 2 while photos of Patrick Stewart on the set of the new X-Men movie teased us as well as the Beast. More pictures from the 50th anniversary story came out with two Doctors in costume, UNIT, Smith hanging from the Tardis and the news that the other Doctors will be digitally added? Seriously? Get off your ass Beeb, pay the men the money, get them in. Paul McGann has to come back. Chris will be busy promoting Thor 2… still if they need an Irish Doctor, you know where to get me.

If it seems that the blogs get immersed in Star Wars and the good Doctor, well, they are the big things right now. We do have the new sci-fi series Defiance, Arrow renewed, Vampire Diaries going full throttle and rumours about the new Walking Dead. Jamie Foxx is all in blue for Spiderman 2, will a super racoon be the new star of next year and what cameos and teasers are hidden in Iron Man 3? And it was the Peter Pan of sci-fi’s birthday, George Takei this week. Megan Fox as April O’Neill in the new turtles movie came as a surprise given what she called the director Michael Bay over at Transformers. No mate, not even I am going to repeat that one. Even the Quinn has his limits… sort of.

All will be revealed soon because if you think it’s hectic now, wait til you see the rest of the year. Now where did I put that Tramodol?


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