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THE FTN BLOG (29/04/13)

April 29th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Ok guys it’s Iron fever week with the release of Iron Man 3. Have you seen it? Did you like it? Wasn’t the Mandarin….Well, spoilers sweetie as someone says. Needless to say, it was epic. I loved it completely and now officially want to adopt Tony Stark. Robert Downey Jr is the man and I think we’ve discovered a new comedic gem when he partners with….well, stay to end of the long credits to find out what I mean. And I do mean long. It made the final LOTR movie seem like a quick snack. And with talk of a solo outing for War Machine, I mean Iron Patriot, things are hotting up on the Marvel universe front. Oh and Joss Whedon has finished the script for Avengers 2. And we got a cracking Wolverine trailer that looks like it’s going to be a vast improvement on the origin movie. But then again, anything would.

In other news, we actually got a good Doctor Who episode where certain things were revealed then wiped out by a cop out reset of time. Of course the question is who wrote the Time War book? And what did Cara mean when she said ‘so that’s who…’. As always Coleman and Smith are gold and we only have three episodes left. Oh and Billie piper’s stunt double has tweeted from the set of the 50th anniversary.

Meanwhile, Star trek Into Darkness got its premiere in Australia where the internet went into meltdown when the plot was revealed. Needless to say, my heart sank and I hope all of us don’t get kicked in the nuts with the new Star Wars. Thor 2 looks promising in his new trailer and the Man of Steel looks like we won’t even call him Superman and the secret of the big S is finally revealed.

Pics from the set of Spider-man 2 show tusks and a big rhino horn (here). Could Kraven the Hunter be in the mix as well as blue suited Electro Jamie Foxx? And rumour abound there will be an Avengers connection to the movie which in turn led to the rumour Spider-man will be in the next Avengers (here). God, things really are hotting upon the Marvel universe front!

While Prince Harry waved his wand at Hogwarts, we got a new trailer for Red 2 (here). On the horror front Evil Dead opened to mixed reviews and the trailer for the true story haunting in Harrisville made me jump. Rumour is this could be the horror movie we’ve been waiting for. On watching the trailer I now have my Holy water and Bible, just in case. Splash a ghost with the water then beat him to death with the Bible. But then if they’re already dead, does that mean they’re super dead? And with the Last Exorcism 2 does that make the first one the second last and if there’s a third will the second now be the Second to Last Exorcism and if there’s a fourth will that be the Third Last Exorcism. Oh my head hurts. The things the movie guys do to make us part with our dosh. I may save a few pennies for the Neurofen.

On the celebrity birthdays front, Jet Li, Jenna Louise Coleman and Russell T Davies all had parties. They didn’t invite me though, so just as well I kept the receipt.

On the TV front, Vampire Diaries hurtles towards its season finale and the first look at True Blood has begun. Grimm continues to entertain as does Arrow. And as always so does Celebrity Juice. What do you mean that’s not for nerds? Isn’t Keith Lemon a cult figure? Isn’t Kelly Brook after her Oscar winning performance in Pirahna 3D? No? Fine. I’m done. Laters.

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