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LEGO’s new Millennium Falcon box art leaks in China

August 30th, 2017 by Dave Bowling Comments

Okay, we know. Sweet merciful Jeebus on a Raleigh Chopper, we KNOW! LEGO is really bloody expensive these days.

BUT! (and trust us, this is a but so big Sir Mix-A-Lot would take an interest) The latest leak of a new set has got us interested, despite the price tag. And what, you may ask, has got a website full of jaded, hard-bitten survivors of the worst excesses and failures of geek culture as giddy as little kids? Welp, feast your eyes on this bad boy, leaked online in China earlier this week:

OH YES! LEGO’s Ultimate Collector’s Series has a giant-sized Millennium Falcon in the works. Now, this isn’t your usual LEGO set. The UCS sets are enormous, in order to get as much detail as possible into them. For example, here’s the LEGO Taj Mahal, weighing in at an impressive 5992 pieces:

The UCS Falcon will be 7500 separate pieces. Holy. Hell. Now, we’re aware that many people (yours truly included) don’t read Mandarin. But thanks to the good people over at Geek Culture, we have a translation of what’s on the box:

The largest and most collectible model in the history of LEGO Star Wars featuring a complex hull with amazing detail and design.

75192 Millennium Falcon
Piece Count: 7,500 pieces
Dimensions: 21 cm (H) x 84 cm (L) x 56 cm (W)
Ages: 16 and up
Price: ¥8,499

A price tag of ¥8499 translates into roughly $1275 US. That’s a lot, even by LEGO standards. In fact, when it came to brand-new retail value toys, I didn’t know numbers went that high. But at nearly three feet long and 7500 separate parts? Honestly, it might be time to get that kidney up on eBay…

LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon 75192 will be available from October 2017.

Source: Geek Culture

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