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Hasbro Unveil Star Wars: The Black Series

January 31st, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Star Wars fans rejoice and/or mourn! After years of rumours and speculation Hasbro have finally the confirmed what we all hoped and/or feared.

A 6″ scale line of Star Wars figures in the style of their popular Marvel Legends series.

Although details are scarce, Hasbro plan on releasing 12 figures in 2013, and will thankfully focus mostly on the original trilogy.

Series 1 will consist of X-Wing Pilot Luke, (seen below) R2-D2, an Imperial Sandtrooper and Episode I’s highlight, Darth Maul.

Looking at the first photos, The Force would appear strong in this line.

They will retail for $19.99, so expect to pay extortionate prices when and if they reach our shores.

We sense Hasbro will show and tell alot more at the New York Toy Fair starting February 10th.

A few questions must surely bother the many Star Wars collectors out there though…

How will they make in scale vehicles for this line? An X-Wing-less X-Wing Pilot Luke is a tease.

Also, with well over 1000 figures in the 3 3/4″ line, will seasoned collectors want to start another Star Wars collection?

And it almost certainly won’t have the variety. We can’t see a 6″ Momaw Nadon or B’omarr Monk coming anytime soon.

Let the speculation begin and may The Force be with your wallet.

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