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New images of LEGO Ghostbusters firehouse set released UPDATED: Pics of the figures added

October 27th, 2015 by Saxon Comments


If you’re dreading the Ghostbusters reboot movie which slimes it’s way into cinemas next year, don’t worry – there’s an original item on it’s way to distract you.  


Yes, it was coming, then it was scrapped, but now it’s back!  The Lego Ghostbusters firehouse set will be available from January, and to celebrate, Lego have only gone and taken some pictures of it.  Outside the actual Hook and Ladder 8 firehouse.  The one used in the movie.  The one that the Lego set is based on.  Wrap your minds around that one.


It looks to be a beautiful set, even though its not to scale it will be a great companion piece to the already released Lego Ecto 1.

The Lego Ghostbusters Firehouse will be available from January 2016.


LEGO have released two images of the nine, yes nine, included figures… we just wish there was a Stay Puft in there too.

The figures are: Peter Venkman, Raymond Stantz, Egon Spengler, Winston Zeddemore, Janine Melnitz, Dana Barrett, Louis Tully, Zombie Driver and Library Ghost, Slimer, Pink Ghost and Blue Ghost.

We can’t help feeling that Gozer, Stay Puft and the Terror Dogs are noticeable by their absence… is there an additional playlet in the pipeline? Oh, the possibilities…

lego_ghostbusters_white minifigs

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