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WATCH: Doctor Who 11th Doctor 3.75″ Figure Review

July 2nd, 2013 by Saxon Comments

And so, it begins…

A few mere weeks after wrapping up series 7 of my toy review videos, im dragged all too soon back down to the ninth level of toy hell to begin reviewing the dreaded new 3.75 inch scale range of Doctor Who figures.  Woe is, indeed, me.  I should be relaxing, taking time off to read a book or go for a stroll down a country lane or have a good sit down or something.  Whatever social activities the youth get up to these days… texting or scones or whatever.  But no, you all just had to hear my opinions on the new Doctor Who figure range.  Well, after careful deliberation and thought, I have reached a decision.


To take their wonderful 5 inch line, flush it down the toilet, and replace it with these blobs of plastic, Character must surely be on something?  Well, whatever it is, they’d better go cold turkey.  Or give me some of it.  Ill need it to get through these reviews. And so, with that rather horrific image painted upon the canvas of your mind, dear reader, I present my video review of the 11th Doctor 3.75″ scale figure.

You have been warned…

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