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Supergirl adds two more pretty major DC heroes to the cast of characters

August 12th, 2016 by Marc Comments

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More cool news from The CW’s DC TV Universe?

Ok, we can do that…

Some of this is SPOILERS so you’re warned.

Remember the season finale of Supergirl when the Kryptonian pod landed and Supergirl opened it and gasped?

Well it seems that the pod didn’t contain Krypto The Super Dog (as I really, really hoped) but rather it contained… Mon-El (well called our very won Shane Micheal, you were spot on)

Firstly, who is Mon-El? Well, according to the DC Wiki: “Mon-El is a Daxamite superhero inspired by Superboy. His powers are very similar, although he is vulnerable to lead instead of Kryptonite. Superboy put him in the Phantom Zone when Mon-El was fatally poisoned, and Mon-El stayed there until Brainiac 5 discovered a cure in the 30th Century. This lead Mon-El to become a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.”

He will be played in Supergirl Season 2 by Containment star Chris Wood. (Continues after pic)


Another bit of awesome casting Hellcats’ Sharon Leal will play Miss Martian AKA M’gann M’orzz (below), star of the Teen Titans comic. The character mirrors Supergirl in some respects as she was sent from her dying planet to earth, only her planet was Mars -home too of the Martian Manhunter – played by David Harewood in Supergirl – and not Krypton.

The DC Wiki says that on Mars there was the peaceful scientific Green Martians and the war mongering White Martians. When J’onn J’onzz AKA Martian Manhunter escaped the soon war torn planet for earth M’gann followed: “While almost correct, this leaves out at least one significant detail, M’gann’s true form is that of a White Martian, creatures believed to live only for war and conquest. Questioned on whether or not she was actually a White Martian, M’gann said it was a “long story”.

“Whatever her true origins might be, M’gann eventually came to Earth along with her parents. Details of this period are sketchy, but it is known that M’gann’s parents, along with dozens of other White Martians, were captured by the United States government, many of whom, including M’gann’s parents were subsequently executed. After separating from her parents, M’gann adopted two new names during her time on this world: “Megan Morse”, the English transliteration of her Martian name, and “Miss Martian”, her chosen superhero identity.”

We love that Supergirl is being blown wide open this season and, with Justice Society of America in Legends of Tomorrow, we’re genuinely wondering if Miss Martian could perhaps lead to a Teen Titans? How cool might that be?

Let us know…

miss martian

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