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A new Justice League Animated Series?! Yes, please!

October 6th, 2015 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

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It looks like a new animated Justice League series has been confirmed by Cartoon Network, report Squareeyed.

Cartoon Network Canada responded to a fan question on their Facebook page with: “We will be premiering a new Justice League series, but not likely until next Fall.”

Hopefully they don’t folly Marvel’s example and try to make all their cartoons look like the movies, and pretty much make them, well, suck.

That means that UK viewers are unlikely to see the new animated series until some time in 2017.

The last Justice League animated series aired back in 2006 with Justice League Unlimited, which is coming to Blu-Ray soon.

The news of the new Justice League animated series coincides with the launch of the DC movie universe including Batman v Superman next March, Suicide Squad next August, followed by Wonder Woman and the Justice League Part 1 film.

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