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Agent Carter Season 2 will tie into the upcoming Doctor Strange movie

January 13th, 2016 by Jonathan Snelling Comments

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Set to be released on Tuesday, season two of Agent Carter is to feature more ties to the Marvel universe. Hayley Atwell’s character Peggy Carter, is set to travel to Los Angeles this season with fellow spy Edwin Jarvis, (James D’Arcy) to investigate Isodyne Energy.

It is here that they will fight the MCU’s version of Madame Masque, write Comicbookresources, an Iron Man villain with great skills in martial arts and gun fighting. She dons the name Madame Masque because of the infamous golden mask she uses to cover scars on her face. Wynn Everett (Newsroom) is playing this villain in the show.

The season is also set to include the extra-dimensional energy known as the Darkforce.

Showrunners Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters spoke about the upcoming season and how Isodyne energy and the Darkforce will have a role in the show.

Fazekas explained that: “Isodyne is a company that we invented based in part on real life companies like Radiodyne or General Atomic or the beginnings of the Jet Propulsion Lab — all of which were in L.A. in the ’40s, and were developing the space program and were developing nukes.”

She went on to say: “That’s what Isodyne is, and what you’ll learn is they were involved in the nuclear testing out in the desert when they were testing the, at the time they were calling it the atom bomb — and one of these tests didn’t go as expected. You’ll learn more about that in Season 2, but they stumble upon what people in the Marvel Universe will know as Darkforce, but because they’ve never seen it before they just name it Zero Matter. That’s our tie-in to the ‘Doctor Strange’ universe, and also to ‘S.H.I.E.L.D.’ because you’ve seen it in ‘S.H.I.E.L.D.’ as well.”

The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode in question was ‘ The Only Light in the Darkness’, where the Darkforce powered the antagonist Blackout in the episode. This may not mean it works the same way in Agent Carter though: “[The Darkforce] affects people in different ways,” explained Fazekas;

“It’s created a bunch of superheroes, it’s created a bunch of villains, and it has all these different properties. It could be a liquid, it could be a gas, it could be a solid, it could give you powers, it could kill you. It has a lot of different applications, which was cool for us. We were able to select what we liked and sort of make our own rules as to what it does, how it operates, and who it affects in our world.”

The Darkforce is a negative energy famous in the Marvel Comics. It has powered a great deal of people and although it’s easy to summon it’s very difficult to control.

The use of the Darkforce will be an interesting one in this series and in the MCU as a whole. It’s unclear who, or what, will be affected by it in the season but with the limitless capabilities it is certainly going to cause problems for the characters.

Agent Carter returns next Tuesday 19th January for a special 2 hour episode

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