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Agents of Shield Spinoff in the Works?

April 10th, 2015 by Todd Black Comments

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Ok, let’s be honest with ourselves. Agents of Shield started rough. Like REALLY rough. But then once the Hydra threat (courtesy of Captain America: The Winter Soldier) came to full effect, the show instantly got better.

Season 2 (which we happily review) has been a definite improvement. With a better focus, and greater character moments. According to reports, this improvement (plus fan praise and most likely ratings boosts) has gotten Marvel into looking at a spinoff for the series.

At present, there is nothing really known about the potential spinoff aside from who’s running it and that it’ll apparently spinoff from storylines that will occur in the latter episodes this season. Not unlike how Flash got kickstarted on Arrow.

Now, for those wondering about Agent Carter (LIKE ME!!!), apparently the show has a “roughly 60 percent” chance of getting renewed.” It’s not 99% like it should be, but I’ll take it.

Continuing with our honesty, this could be a risk. The reason many were willing to watch Agents of Shield in the first place was because of the return of Coulson. This show most likely won’t have that instant recognition. And with Agent Carter more or less hanging on a thread right now, a spinoff may prove not as successful as they might think.

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