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“Arrow Season four is all about magic and mysticism,” says Stephen Amell

July 23rd, 2015 by James Campbell Comments

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With Robbie Amell having had his moment in the sun with his confirmation as a guest star in The X-Files, it is time to bring the focus back to his brother… You had your moment, Robbie!

Anyway, today, Stephen Amell took part in an interview, discussing the upcoming fourth season of Arrow. In the interview, Amell dropped a very interesting tidbit about the season.

Amell stated: “The element that we are choosing this year is magic and mysticism. And Oliver alludes very early on in the season that this is something that he has seen before. Clearly that will play into this year’s flashbacks for him, but it’s an interesting wrinkle”.

This piece of news is particularly interesting because, as I am sure many of you are aware, Constantine was recently cancelled. While it was teetering on the edge, Amell stated that he would be willing to do a crossover to help save the show. However, this seemed to fall through and the show was cancelled… or did it? Remember, there is still talk of Constantine being a character on Arrow (here)!

Could this refocusing of the season on magic be to leave the doors open for a possible crossover with Constantine? Personally, I do not know. There is not enough information yet, but it fun to speculate…

Source: TheRealStanLee

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