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December 20th, 2013 by Andrew Comments

While online streaming services are slowly killing the demand for boxsets that doesn’t mean there aren’t any out there that you wouldn’t want sitting on your shelf. And besides…you don’t get sexy packaging with anything on Netflix, do you?

Breaking Bad, Complete Series

If you’ve not watched Breaking Bad you’re probably sick to death of people telling you that you should. However, once you start watching you’ll turn into one of these people as well. It’s that good. Gripping drama that never once drops the ball throughout its five seasons. And there’s a really cool Special Edition barrel you can get too with all kinds of BrBa goodies inside. (All seasons available separately)

Dexter, Complete Series

While yes, the last few seasons of Dexter were sub par at best and terrible at worst there’s still a lot to love throughout  eightseasons of wondering whether rooting for a serial killer makes you a bad person. And it comes in this lovely box as well – although it is rather expensive. (All seasons available separately)

Doctor Who, Series 1-7

Relive all of the episodes of the revived series so far, following Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith as they save the universe week in, week out. Again, another lovely box. (Season 7 also available separately.)

Fringe, Complete Series

Ah, Fringe. The little show that could. All five seasons of the alternate universe, Olivia/Fauxlivia, twisty turn-y shenanigans with one of the best central relationships a show like this has ever had; no, not Peter and Olivia, but Peter and John Noble’s wonderful Walter Bishop.

The Walking Dead, Seasons 1-3

It misses just as often as it hits but when it hits, it hits hard. And it’s never less than enjoyable. Also, ZOMBIES. You can’t go too far wrong with zombies. The third season repurposes one of the more famous arcs from the comic – Woodbury, the prison – to its own ends, which leads the show to pastures new for the (currently firing on all cylinders) fourth season.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Complete Series

Sadly cut short at the end of the fifth series, the Clone Wars is no more. Which is a shame because after a slow-ish start it’s the best Star Wars has been since 1983 (in this writer’s humble opinion anyway) with stories including bounty hunters, political intrigue and full on Clones v Droids war. We’re big fans of The Clone Wars here at FTN, so this is one to watch; perfect for new and old Star Wars fans.

The Returned, Series 1

Stylish French drama in which the recently, and not so recently, deceased start coming back to life and cause all sorts of problems for the living. Slowly paced, ethereal, full of intrigue and barely concealed menace with a delightfully esoteric soundtrack by Mogwai, now is your chance to catch up on one of this year’s dramatic treats if you missed it on television.

Hannibal, Season 1

I can’t really offer anything of note here, but this is the one series I’m kicking myself for not watching when it was on TV. Judging by the overwhelmingly positive reactions to it in FTN Towers it’s definitely one to catch up on. So if anyone wants to buy me it for Christmas, that’d be great. (Nice try – ed)

Being Human, Series 1-5 (UK)

All five series of the supernatural flatshare drama, showing that vampires, werewolves and ghosts have more mundane lives than is usually shown in these types of shows. Inventive, involving and, most pleasing of all, homegrown. Where else would you see a werewolf attacking a nest of vampires with a chair?

Misfits, Series 1- 5

Another superb homegrown drama, again showing the more mundane side of a usually grander concept, as a group of teens on community services are given a variety of superpowers after a freak storm. Filthy, darkly comic and unashamedly unafraid to break genre conventions, it’s a real highlight and showcases a talented cast over its five series.

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