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DC just teased five new exciting additions to Legends of Tomorrow

February 1st, 2016 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

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This weekend saw two very interesting images being released for DC Comics’ new hit TV show,  DC’s Legends of Tomorrow that seem to suggest we may see two more classic comic book characters appear on the show!

Shared on the official DC Comics Instagram, followers were asked to take the basic images which portrayed a metal helmet and a hourglass and add filters to reveal more info on the secret characters. It didn’t take long for rabid fans to dig and find these images –

red tornadohour man

The first is Ma Hunkel, the golden age Red Tornado who donned a metal pot as a helmet to fight crime in her neighbourhood. Always seen as a mother and inspirational figure to DC’s generational heroes, she was last seen before the advent of the ‘New52’ reboot residing in and tending to the JSA’s brownstone, again mentoring the young heroes who resided there.

The second reveal was Rex Tyler, the creator of super vitamin pill, ‘Miraclo’. By taking Miraclo, Tyler was able to gain super strength and speed but with a catch, he only had these abilities for exactly one hour. He used these abilities to become the Golden Age hero known as Hourman. The hourglass showcased above was a necklace Tyler had which held tachyons, allowing him to see one hour into the future. Again, like Ma Hunkel, Rex has strong ties to the Justice Society of America as he was a founding member.

So far, both these items have been seen as Easter eggs like Rip Hunter’s Waverider ship in the “Legends of Tomorrow’ series, but it remains to be seen if we will see the actual characters in the flesh. With DC Comics going to such lengths to tease it makes you wonder though.

Since the plot of the show allows producers to tell stories across space and time in the DCU it makes sense we can see a plethora of guest stars. Just recently we got an announcement that western outlaw Jonah Hex would be appearing in its first season.

I have been a long-time fan of DC’s Justice Society of America and have been screaming for a TV show of the property. With so many of those characters being introduced across DC’s TV universe such as Jay Garrick, Mr Terrific, Atom Smasher, Hawkman, Hawkgirl and now Ma Hunkel and Rex Tyler being teased, is it only a matter of ‘time’ before I get my wish??

I hope so…


DC have released three more teasers on their Instagram for ‘Legends of tomorrow’. Once again, it requires fans to run the original pics through a filter to reveal all.


First up is one we already knew was coming, Jonah Hex! Hex, a civil war veteran come bounty hunter with a badly scarred face will appear in episode 11 of this season which will be a Wild West themed episode of the time-travel show. He will be played by Johnathon Schaech.


The second is the tough as nails Sergeant of Easy company, Sgt. Rock. The character first appeared in GI Combat #68 (January 1959) and appeared primarily in DC’s war comics fighting in WWII.


Last but definitely not least is Wesley Dodds, the Golden Age Sandman! Not to be confused with Morpheus, the Neil Gaiman creation for DC’s Vertigo imprint, Wesley was one of the first mystery men and founding member of the JSA. Donning a fedora, suit and a WWI era gas mask, he used a gas dispensing gun that put his enemies to sleep and his prophetic dreams to fight crime.

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