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Dickensian Drama Combines All Aspects of Dickens Stories Into One Place

December 6th, 2015 by Todd Black Comments

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This may be the most unique “shared universe” idea ever. As BBC is making a 20-part drama featuring all of Charles Dickens characters…in one place.

Yep, Scrooge, Oliver Twist, Miss Haversham, and the entire collection of Dickens classic characters are coming to life in one spot, in both character and in place.

“We’ve all been educated in costume drama but this isn’t really costume drama,” explains set designer Michael Ralph “I’ve created what I would call reverse science fiction. We’re entering a world that we embrace but which is also a deceit. That is the fantasy of it – it’s not high Victorian, low Victorian, mid Victorian, it’s just Dickensian.”

The details of each store are deep, and yet they don’t all fit with the world they were put in due to them all being put together. It’s a new world of mixed styles, and one that can only be seen to be believed. You can read more about the world of Dickensian here.

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