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Doctor Who: Mission Dalek is coming… but what is it? UPDATED: So that’s what it is…

August 18th, 2015 by Jonathan Snelling Comments

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The Radio Times have posted an article centred on a small 8-second trailer for the up coming Doctor Who: Mission Dalek.

What’s surprising is how little we actually know about this. We have been given this 8 second trailer (below) and that’s it. Naturally the radio times came up with a few possibilities for what it could be. We’ve picked the most likely – come on, the Daleks being in the new James Bond movie? Really?

The first is the possibility of “an add on to The Doctor and the Dalek. This game is designed as an educational and entertaining app game for tablets. However in the trailer the Daleks don’t look like they’re animated in the same style. They don’t really look animated at all to me and seem to be realistic.

The second possibility is that “it’s an online only spin-off centring on Daleks/Davros, or follows the Doctor or another group infiltrating Skaro”. Although this sort of thing you’d have thought they’d make a big deal about. It was at Skaro where Davros created the Darleks so you’d expect a story like this to be given precedence and put on TV.

The third possibility resolves around “the new BBC micro:bit – a credit card sized computer given away to schools”, where school children could “build their own robot Dalek in class”. The logistics of this is would be very difficult to achieve, furthermore how would it be funded, would it be the BBC, schools themselves or the government. I feel we’d have heard more about it if this was the case.

I’m sure in the next few weeks we’ll be given more and more information but until then it doesn’t half have us wondering. (Update after video)


Ok, so now we know what it is… Peter-Capaldi-news have posted the following and it look like it’s a very cool competition

Doctor Who fans!! Are you creative?  Do you have a thousand and one story in your head for Doctor Who Series 9?  Do you make fan video stories?  Well here’s your chance to create your own new digital stories for the new twelfth Doctor and you might win a chance to meet the Peter Capaldi!!!

The Doctor Who team has revealed in the latest trailer for series 9 that the Doctor is about to meet his greatest foe – the Daleks in an exciting, thrilling and fun episode, only one of many old and new enemies the Doctor is about to meet. But that is not enough, the BBC want you to create more foes and stories to take the Doctor through to the new series.

To be part of this exciting new event, you need an idea and some help from the Doctor Who creative team.  So head over to Mission Dalek where the Doctor Who team have supplied clips and pictures to use alongside your own videos and ideas. There are tips and suggestion from the experts, along with more details on how to get involved.

And part of all this, is a great prize, as selected winners will be invited along to the Doctor Who set where they will meet the Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi, encounter the Daleks, step on-board the TARDIS and find out more about the world of Doctor Who.

The contest is open to UK residents and there is also another Global contest for non-UK residents.  The video has to be 90 seconds long or less.  It can use either the supplied clips and pictures or your own creative material.  Material from other Doctor Who series – ie past Doctors, other season cannot be used.  Don’t forget to watch the Doctor’s 2000 year Diary for a starting point for your story.

To get you started, the BBC creative team has some ideas that will help you along.

Steven Moffat has a few hint on how to write a Doctor Who story.

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