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Dune tv series, The Sisterhood, is happening and has a director in place for the first two episodes

May 6th, 2022 by Marc Comments

Cast your mind back, Dune fans, to the time before that damned virus, a time when we were looking forward to a movie called Dune and the massive universe it was set to unlock.

One of the things that would be unlocked will be a spin-off TV show, female-led and called Dune: The Sisterhood which would be penned by Jon Spaihts and will have a pilot directed by Villeneuve and will be based on Frank Herbert’s novel.

But that was 2019 when we last heard anything about that show (here). Even after the movie came out last year we heard nothing of the series, although we have learned a Dune sequel is coming (here), so we had sort of resolved ourselves to believe that the series is no longer planned to happen.

But… our resolve was wrong.

We have learned that writer/producer Spaihts has now moved on from the series to focus on the sequel movie: “That is carrying on and I’m not allowed to talk about it very much. But that effort is alive and well. I ended up getting moved off of it to work not just on Dune: Part Two, but to investigate other cinematic prospects in the Dune universe, which we are still talking about and which, again, I’m not allowed to say very much about.”

But Denis Villeneuve has confirmed that while he has now moved on from directing the series pilot [“The TV series is a work in progress. It’s moving forward,”], HBO Max has given directing duties on the series’ first two episodes to Chernobyl’s Johan Renck, which is great news, indeed,

Very little is known about the series but it is expected to take place before the Dune movie and focus on the Bene Gesserit’s long history and their dealings throughout the universe’s history.

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