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November 28th, 2013 by Marc Comments


The Day of the Doctor is only a week gone and the madness of the Doctor Who Christmas Special –  The Time of the Doctor – begins.

The Sun newspaper has been getting a lot of flack over their unashamed releasing of apparently on-the-money rumours about a lot of the Christmas episode – when Mark Gatiss and Neil Gaiman are Tweeting you not to read/buy the latest issue you have to assume it’s all legit. Or the BBC are being clever. Either way, we’re publishing the rumours below but you have been warned – if true, these WILL ruin the episode for you.

Are you sure?


Last chance…

No going back now

Spoilers below

Here be spoilers

ok… don’t say you weren’t warned


here’s the TV spot aired after The Day of the Doctor first, to give you another 11 seconds to reconsider…

Still here?


The Doctor will lose a leg before regenerating: Apparently, while filming the episode Smith hurt his leg and it was written into the story. He will lose the limb to the Weeping Angels, if The Sun is to believed: ” The Doctor will lose his leg as he attempts to flee his collected enemies and hide in a clock tower – presumably the source of the ominous tolling bell that echoes across the universe. As he attempts his escape a Weeping Angel will grab hold of his leg, turning it to stone, which is a sure-fire way of losing any limb.

The 300-year Weeping Angel War: After losing his leg, the Doctor will embark on a 300-year war with the Weeping Angels – though where this fits with the regeneration is anyone’s guess – this war will also feature several of the Doctor’s classic enemies (presumably as hinted at in the teaser above). Also, most of the episode will take place in Christmas Town.

The story will feature the Daleks, Cybermen and Sontarans: Yes, there’s going to be a host of villains at Trenzalore to see the Doctor die… in fact, the rumour is the Doctor will challenge the Daleks to kill him. Also, the Cybermen will appear in both their metal and wooden incarnations.

Remember the time crack from Smith’s first season? That’ll be resolved: We will find out what the crack is – and apparently it was caused by the Time Lords in The Day of the Doctor, whether this means it’s because the Doctor undid his own history is unsure, but the Sun says they “range in size, and are caused by two points in time that should never touch coming into contact with each other.”

Apparently a massive crack will appear near the end of the episode and glimpses from the show’s long history will appear within it and a problem that has been a scourge of modern Doctor Who will be resolved by this. Hmmmmmm….

The Doctor will be granted more regenerations: The time lords will appear in the crack at the end and will thank the Doctor for all he has done (saving Gallifrey and Trenzalore) and will grant him a whole new set of regenerations. Finally, the regeneration to Peter Capaldi is said to be one of the finest scenes in the show’s history.

So, there you have it… christmas ruined.

Well, it’s not as if we didn’t warn you.

Oh, here’s the Tweets we were talking about from people connected to the series, prompting people to avoid the Sun…







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