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Female Loki set for Disney+ series?

December 4th, 2019 by Geralt of Australia Comments

Apparently there’s some big changes coming for the God of Mischief and his own show on Disney+, a new lead actress has been cast alongside Tom Hiddleston and the word is they may be a female Loki.

According to Variety, British actress Sofia Di Martino from the musical comedy Yesterday has been cast an a lead role for the upcoming Loki series, beating out a number of other potential applicants.

Additional reports claim she will be playing a female version of Loki and will share the role with Hiddleston.

Now, if you know anything about Norse mythology you’ll know that changing gender isn’t unusual, even Odin did it at one stage or another, and yes I know this is Marvel and not the mythology, but you can’t deny if the link is there then you have to look closer to it… plus, wasn’t Loki female in The Ultimates?

This isn’t the only gender change for Marvel characters we’ve seen this year as Natalie Portman was also announced to be the Mighty Thor for Taika Waititi’s new movie Thor: Love and Thunder, although that isn’t Chris Hemsworth turning into a woman, so it is still a little different to what’s going on here.

Hiddleston has revealed a little bit of what we can expect to see in the new series with the story answering a few questions such as things about Loki’s death in Endgame and predominantly his life after 2012 when he escapes using the Tesseract.

He has also stated that Loki will face more formidable opponents the likes of which we’ve never seen before…  could one of his opponents be this female Loki, and if so could it be a metaphorical battle inside of him and not a physical one, either way one things for sure and that’s it would be an interesting one.

Loki is set to air on Disney+ some time in 2021 so until then keep an eye out for more news and updates, stay nerdy folks.

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