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Gotham Season 2 is all about telling one story and getting it right

July 31st, 2015 by Shane Michael Comments

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It appears the producers of Fox show ‘Gotham’ have taken on board the lacklustre acclaim it’s received from critics and fans alike for its premiere season and have issued a mission statement for season 2, ‘Get it right’.

Showrunner Bruno Heller speaking to Website Digital Spy had this to say: “A first season – as good as it may be – is always your first run around the track. Second season; you know what you’re good at, you know what not to do again, the actors are bang on it. If the first season was laying the table, now we get to eat a big fat dinner!”

Executive producer John Stephens reiterated Heller’s statement and added that Gotham will be “fully serialised” this year – describing season two as “one story we’re telling over 22 episodes”.

“The number one thing we learnt was not to tell standalone stories anymore – to serialise the stories as much as possible. Also, to tell more character-driven stories – and to humanise the villains as much as possible. Whatever villain comes in, let’s make them a human being first.”

In previous statements the producers have confirmed that this season will see further developments with the Riddler and see origins for popular Bat-villains Mr Freeze and the Joker. Two new cast members officially announced for the second season include Jessica Lucas as Tabitha Galavan aka the villainess Tigress and Michael Chiklis, who isn’t shy of police dramas or comic book adaptations having started in The Shield and the Fantastic Four movies, cast as the GCPD’s new captain Nathaniel Barnes. It seems like the show is getting very ambitious and wants to ramp the excitement up for its sophomore season.

Gotham returns to Fox on September 21.

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